Why I like them

Birth Of An Icon

If you may not know, I use lions as an icon for everything I do now. I created k@wke lion in 2013 as a profile picture for edmodo, a school used "face book." It started as regular lion that supposed to be a funny symbol of toughness... but after a while he became blue and funny... that's how a normal lion became a k@wke lion.

Lion Inside O' Me

I always thought that lions represent bravery, strength, and speed. Although some of my friends don't consider me any of these things, I can prove them wrong by being better then them! If I look at my self in a mirror... I see a beast waiting to be released!

About Me

I know that there isn't tons of people wanting to know a lot about me, but for those who do... here's about me!

  • My favorite quote: "My strength is of the strength of ten because my heart is pure."
  • My favorite animal: Do I even need to answer.
  • Favorite color: Blue
  • Favorite pass times: sports, righting music, and running.
  • Best friends: Troy, Carter, Joseph, and Ward.