Dont be a litter bug

by: Nadia Warren

Be safe and Recycle!

when you throw stuff like bateries away cimacalis get in our soil please watch out for this.

Did you no that glass takes 1milion years to dispose. Recycleing is very good imagine not haveing recycleing.

Did you Know?

You use most of the water in the bathroom than any other room in your home. So make sure you take shorter showers and shorter baths as a way to save water. If you take a bath, make sure not to put too many bubbles in the water because that just puts chemicals in to the water and that water will just go back into the earth and hurt the earth.

Save Energy

To save energy means that when you use something that needs electricity or power, use as little as possible so that you can use more later. One way to save energy is to turn the lights off when you don't need them. You can also use CFL lights because they use 30% less energy than other lights, so be sure to use those types of light bulbs so that you save energy and power and save it for other people.

How to Recycle

When you walk around, you might sometimes see all kinds of trash lying around. One way to help the earth is to pick up any trash you might see. That will help save the earth. Sometimes trash can be recyled. Recycled means you get either paper or plastic and you put it in a big bin and it will be taken somewhere to be reused or the parts can be used in a new way.

Reuse reduse recycle