Prolemuris take Pandora

Discovery of the Prolemuris

An ape-monkey like creature has been discovered on Pandora. The creature closely represents a lemur, which is how it got its name as the prolemuris. The prolemuris is a heterotroph, so it eats plants, fruit, and sometimes bugs. It was discovered by Aliyah Funschelle when she was exploring the land of Pandora.

What is the prolemuris like?

The prolemuris can use its four arms to move through the trees faster than an average human can run. It has near-perfect balance, and its superb depth perception allows it to leap from branch to branch while selecting just the right handhold out of the forest mosaic. In this, it resembles the Na'vi who can also move through the rain forest canopy with tremendous agility. They are pretty laid back animals that like to hang in the trees.

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