What they do? How to become one?

Starting the career and Going to college

To become an architect you first need to complete a Bachelor's or Masters.Like most jobs first you need to go to a good college,so can help you find your college.When choosing your college first you need to figure out how to pay for that college.You must also find what the cost of your college will be for one year and how many years you will need to study.An architects bachelors degree will often take up to five years to complete.
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Daily duties of an architect

First they seek work by giving presentations, they meet with clients to determine measurements and requirements.They determine how much time it will take to build,the equipment needed and the construction time.They also prepare structure measurements and then sketch drawings and documents with computer software mostly,but also by hand.They also visit work sites and direct workers.Finally they manage contracts and keep record of everything.

An architects salary

The top 10% earned more than 118,230 while the lowest 10% earned less than 44,600.The median pay in the us for architects was about 73,000 dollars.That is about 35 dollars per hour.In Houston TX the average salary is 84,900 and the national average salary for architects was around 72,000 which means Architects in Houston earn above average.

What do architects do and what are the skills needed?

The 3 main aspects of architects are the following: first designing,then documenting your work and finally changing your work into a simple form so others can easily understand them.To be an architect you don't necessarily need to be an expert at math,according to''The biggest skill an Architect can have is the willingness and ability to learn many different things and apply them to their profession''.

Workplace of an architect

Whenever architects work they are in an office in addition to having to travel to met with clients and visit the construction site to make sure the plan is being carried out correctly.

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