What to Expect

First Trimester

Before a woman realizes she's pregnant she begins vomiting in the morning. There would be no periods due to the pregnancy. The baby would start collecting cells, developing a mouth and eyelids. Mom will ovulate during the first cause her mood swings to change. She would feel a lot of discomfort.

Second Trimester

During the second trimester she's halfwaydone with her pregnancy.She will begin to gain weight because the baby is getting bigger. The baby's eyes and tiny teeth begin to form. Lips, eyelids and eyebrows become more distinct. The mom's body begins to shed hair, fingernails grow faster, her feet becomes swollen, and she begins to get stretch marks.

Third Trimester

The mom to have to go to the doctor more often to take Blood Tests , Glucose Screening test and the RH test . As she progresses through the pregnancy she gets RLS , Restless Leg Sydrome . The baby starts to develop eyelashes and fat . The baby starts to move more and blink it's eyes . The baby's muscles and lungs get stronger.

Tips for Dad

For the dad needs to make sure the mom doesn't get stessed out . They also need to make sure she eats healthy . The dad needs to help the mom out with things . Before the baby comes the dad needs to make sure the room is ready .