Remote Online Instruction Nov 18

Rolland-Warner 6/7 Campus

Principal's Message

While we all hoped that this day would not come, we have been preparing for this event.

Secondary students will return to Remote Online Instruction tomorrow, Wednesday Nov 18 through Tuesday, December 8.

What does this Mean?

In short this means that teachers will push content into their Google Classrooms on Friday evening for the upcoming week. Teachers will also host Zoom meetings on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday according to the below schedule.

What do I need to do?


  • Access your Teacher's Google Classrooms.
  • Set a schedule to have the work complete for the Zooms if necessary.
  • Keep up on your work, there are a couple short weeks upon our return prior to the end of 1st semester, falling behind now will not give you time to catch up at school upon return.
  • Be sure to completely fill out and answer any work prior to hitting submit.
  • Use the instruction the teacher provided, along with other resources such as .edu or .org sites. Don't be afraid to search out answers.
  • Contact your teachers if you have any questions!


  • Have your student show you their Google Classrooms.
  • Help them to set a schedule to be successful, we find consistency and structure are paramount. Set a time for students and expectations for amount of work to be completed (daily).
  • A quiet work area away from distractors is a luxury with multiple students in the house but also sets the tone for work, rather than other items.
  • Have your student open up the Google Classroom and show you. Each classroom is similar but can be set up differently with possible instruction in the Stream and assignments in Classwork.

  • Finally, call or email the teachers. They are there to assist!

  • Check PowerSchool to ensure work is being completed and graded.

  • Ask your student to have work completed upon your return home and after checking if complete, then let them submit. Some students just hit submit without completing the assignment and then it appears to be turned in when you check as a parent.

  • Please see below if Internet is an issue at your house.

We understand the difficulty transitioning to an online learning environment and the stress this puts on families, including many of our own children. Remember the teachers are there to help, please reach out, their goal is ensure that students are successful and learning content.

Students currently in quarantine

Finally, the office hours for RW are adjusted to 7am- 4pm during the Remote Online Instruction period.


RW Mentors/Attendance

In an effort to ensure students are participating to their fullest ability during our Remote Online Instruction period, students have been assigned to a Mentor Teacher (typically their second hour teacher) that will be checking in with the students weekly.

This check-in may occur via Google Classroom, telephone, email, Remind, etc. and gives the student an opportunity to request assistance in not only the teachers classroom but in all classes. The Mentor Teacher is listed in PowerSchool on your students schedule. Utilize the document at the end for contact information.

The Mentor Teacher will be contacting parents of their students if they see them falling behind, however, with the short time frame of this Remote Online Instruction period the best measure is to be proactive with your students on turning in items.

Remember as in the fall attendance is taken during the Zoom, however, it is not taken into consideration in the grade. Obviously attending the Zoom increases the students chance to be successful but truly completing the assignments is what is graded.

RW Supporting Students W/O Internet

LCS understands the limited availability of quality internet available for many of our families. Each building is determining the systems they can offer to allow students to access wifi and/or computer labs.

We have the following systems:

  1. Teachers upload assignments on Friday, one can come to the building parking lot and download the assignments to their device over the weekend. They may leave the tab open, complete the assignment over the week to then return to the building and "submit" the assignment and download the next week's assignments. This only requires ONE trip to the building once per week at your convenience.
  2. Students may come to the building November 18-December 8 (not during week of Thanksgiving Holiday). We are going to follow the below schedule, which allows for parents to drop students off to sit in the cafe with their own technology or district borrowed technology (recommended so they can download the lessons for the week). Students may sign up for multiple blocks per week, but must call back each week to sign-up. Students must leave with parent after each block to allow for disinfecting of the spaces. Students must abide by all student handbook expectations and wear a mask at all times or will negate the ability to attend these sections. All sign-ups will go through our Dean of Students, Mr. Kent Meister, and can be reached at (810) 538-2334.
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Online Remote Learning Student Schedule

Assignments and necessary teaching materials will be pushed out in Google Classrooms on Fridays at 4 pm. Students will then have the week to complete the assignments (note some may contain due dates within the week so teachers can provide feedback prior to moving onto later assignments that build upon). Teachers will be Zooming with students based on the schedule below, these Zooms will enforce learning, re-teach, provide mentoring, allow questioning and inquiry. Attendance will be taken via Zoom participation, while grades are given to assignments as stated in Google Classroom, so keeping track of progress in PowerSchool can be done easily.

Please note Zero Hour is for PLTW students, this may be PLTW, SpringBoard, or Social Studies.

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RW Teacher Contact Information

LCS Food Service Update

Our 6-12 students enrolled in remote learning are eligible to receive free breakfast and lunch at No Cost. Distribution is on Thursdays from 3-5 pm at Lapeer High School.

Visit LCS Food Service page for more information.

Rolland-Warner 6/7 Campus

Rolland-Warner 6/7 Campus services about 700 sixth and seventh grade students with a year-round program and traditional program. Students have the option of Project Lead The Way (PLTW), which adds an extra hour to their day, and many other programming options and extracurriculars such as clubs and sports.

Wyatt Stevens, Principal

Rich Cross, Associate Principal/Athletics

Kent Meister, Dean of Students

Renee Shrontz, Head Secretary