Third Grade EOG Club

Math & ELA Prep for the Test

What will we be working on in ELA?

The focus will be on reviewing third grade skills, test taking strategies, and guided practice problems.

ELA EOG Prep Plan

Each day will start with a mini lesson on these topics;

1. Week 1- Strategies and Worries - RUNNERS, Other general test taking strategies

2. Week 2- Word Meaning - Context clues

3. Week 3- Character - Traits, Motivations

4. Week 4- Word Meaning - Literal vs. Nonliteral

5. Week 5- Illustrations - Graphs, Pictures, Diagrams, Etc.

6. Week 6- Main Message - Main idea, Lesson, Moral

7. Week 7- Cause and Effect/Sequence - Q&A

8. Week 8- Word Meaning - Context clues, Literal vs. nonliteral, Poetry

9. Week 9- Review of what I feel the students need based on observations

10. Week 10- Celebration, Questions, and Review

The group will practice with an EOG test passage with questions

What will we be working on in Math?

Math EOG Prep Plan

We will start with a mini lesson on these topics;

Week 1 - Strategies and Worries - CUBES

Week 2 - Number Sense Word Problem - Estimation, Addition, Subtraction

Week 3 - Number Sense Word Problems – Multiplication, Division, Properties

Week 4 – Fractions - Equal Parts, Number Line

Week 5 – Fractions - Equivalent

Week 6 - Area and Perimeter

Week 7 - Two Step Word Problems - add., sub., mult., div.

Week 8 - Patterns – Find the Rule, Input/Output Boxes

Week 9 - Review of what I feel the students need based on observations

Week 10 - Celebration, Questions, and Review

The group will then practice with EOG test questions

When and Where?

When: Monday's or Tuesday's at 4:15pm starting on March 14th

*e-mail me if you have not received your childs' day yet

Where: Mrs. Hargadine's house (3 minutes from Cox Mill Elementary School)

* e-mail me if you do not have my address yet

How much?

$100 for all 10 Sessions

Please pay me with cash or check at our first meeting.

If you need the payment broken up into part, just email me. I am more than willing to break it up among the 10 weeks if needed.


March 14th - Start Date

March 28th - No class due to Spring Break

May 23rd - Last Class (Celebration Day)

Who is Mrs. Hargadine?


I am 28 years old and have two amazing sons named Carter (almost 3 years old) and Lucas (6 months old). I love reading and teaching kids! My favorite book is The Tiger Rising, my favorite color is green, and I love fruit and chocolate. I like playing soccer, dancing, going to church, and having fun in the sun!


I taught 3rd grade at Cox Mill Elementary for 5 years. After having my second son I decided to be a stay at home mom. I became a part time tutor in at WM Irvin Elementary for 4th & 5th graders in math and reading because I missed teaching after only a few months. I also tutor individual students in my home but love group tutoring because of the interaction between the kids. I have held summer book clubs and math clubs for 3rd and 4th graders the past 2 years at my house. This will be my first EOG prep club. I am very excited to help kids feel prepared and confident.

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