South Africa

By Trey H , Amisha B, and Jack S


  • Indigenous - Native to a region
  • Rhodesia - Area owned by Cecil Phodes in the 1880's
  • Boers - descendants of Dutch settlers in Africa
  • Zulu- Indigenous people to South Africa in the early nineteenth century
  • Shaka- the ruler over the Zulu people

Part 2:

-They introduced a Hut Tax to increase revenues to colonial governments. This tax was charged on every one who owned a hut, poor or rich. The tax wasn't a law, but it was portrayed as a customary practice by the British colonial governments.

- In 1652 The Dutch East India company established a base at Cape of Good Hope, which later was given to the British.

-In 1795 The Dutch army surrendered Cape Town to the British because they weren't making enough profit from the crops.

-In 1803 Treaty of Amiens returned Cape of Good Hope to the Dutch.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why you think the population of whites in South Africa was high in 1865?
  2. What are some negative affects on culture and politics because of imperialism?
  3. How did South Africa benefit from imperialism?