UFO Drag Race Preproduction

Concept / Design / Texturing / Lighting

Concept - Playlist and Camera Selection

Concept: Space Drag Race

Alien 1:

Neutral Colours, Earth Tones, Rust, Engine sounds normal

Alien 2:

Vibrant Colours, Reds, Chromes, engine sounds Powerful


  1. Two Aliens meet at a Red light post floating in space.
  2. Alien 1 drives a very conservative ship
  3. Alien 2 drives a Very sporty fast ship
  4. Alien 2 Challenges alien 1 to a race.
  5. Alien 1 Plays along revs engine
  6. Light turns green
  7. Alien 1 stays still, alien two launches forward
  8. Alien 2 Struck by meteor running red.
  9. Alien 1 Continues forward nonchalantly

Design & Layout - Space Intersection

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Ship Design

Ship One

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Ship Two

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Traffic Light

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