Water Jellies

by Julia Ang


The coastal water jellies are fascinating. Jelly fish have a very interesting appearance, diet and habitat. These jellies have many interesting facts for you to learn.


So, don't you think sea jellies have interesting thing that you have learned?! I hope you get the chance to see a jelly. Dont get hurt though! Jellyfish swim with him in the in the fishy ocean!

Think Tank

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Go Fish

In this station i have baught decor, salt, a filter, a thermometer, gravel, filter crtriges, a tank, and fish! The budget was $250. In all, I have spent $199.75. The fish that I got are dumbo halfmoon betta, Female halfmoon betta, and a red tailed shark.


My diorama includes a shark, jellyfish, squid, dolphin, octopus, sea horse, seaweed, a sponge, a coin, starfish, brain coral, a rock background water, and sand that make up the coral reef diorama.
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I hope you love this flyer of jellyfish and have a nice day!