The life of C.S. Lewis

By: Sarah Quinn

The life of C.S Lewis

His real name was Clive Staples Lewis.Some of his family called him jack.He was born November 29 1898. He had a older brother named Warren. His mothers name was Florence and his father Albert.In 1905 his family moved to a place called Little Lea.In the year of 1908 in mother died of cancer.Later that year both his brother and father died.
C.S Lewis was a good writer. He was a novelist, poet, academic,literary critic, essayist writer.Tough he was most famous for his fictional.He wrote The Chronicles of Narnia,The Space Trilogy, and The Screwtape Letters.In 1917 he enrolled him self in the British army.Almost a year later he was wounded on Mount Berenchon during the Battle of Arras.
C.S Lewis died November 22, 1963.He died of Renal failure.In his life time we wrote14 Fiction Books,2 Poems and countless essays, letters, and entries. Most of his books resembled something else. Like the Chronicles of Narnia is supposed to resemble the Bible.

The works of C.S Lewis

C.S Lewis was a very good writer. He wrote many of fictional books. The chronicles of Narnia is a very good book.He wrote many books that resembled something else, the chronicles of Narnia resembles the bible, and how there are good people and bad people in the world.
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