CUIN 3313 Course Reflection

by: Sofia Torres

What CUIN 3313 assignment are you most proud of and why?

The CUIN 3313 assignment that I am most proud of would probably be the final project that I did on a virtual tour of the Bayou Wildlife Zoo in Alvin. This assignment makes me proud, because it was definitely the most en joyful one for me, because I had such a good time at the zoo. The animals were incredible and the zoo truly gives you a great experience. I had never used and application such as vtility and it was also a great learning experience for me. I think this is something that could come useful to me in the future, so I am glad I decided to do this virtual tour as my final project.

What did you learn from doing this assignment?

By doing this assignment I learned how to use the application vtility correctly. At first I was confused on how to use it and I was having a difficult time, but when I figured this out I realized what a great application it was. As a professional I think this would be useful to me in the future and I am glad I learned this now so that I can pass on this to peers, and be able to use it more effectively.

How might you improve what you did/created in this assignment?

I would improve this assignment I could be able to take better pictures then the ones I took. I was so excited about the zoo and the animals that I didn't take as clear pictures as I wish I had. When I was creating my virtual tour I realized that some of my pictures were being blocked by either people or cars or other objects. If I were to do this again I would definitely take better pictures.

How might you implement the technology you used in this assignment in the future?

I could use this technology in the future by using it in the work place. If I were training a group of individuals on the new building they will be working in, I would make a vtility virtual tour to show them. This way they would know first hand what it will look like and where to go exactly. I think this would be extremely helpful in such a situation.

Any other general course reflections you want to share?

I think that out of any other courses that I have taken at UH, this course was probably the most helpful, technology wise. I learned so much about technology usage! I had no idea about so many of the applications and sites we used in this class, and didn't realize how helpful there were. In my other HRD classes this semester I met students that were using the same applications and when I asked where they found out about these sites, they all replied, "from CUIN 3313". Its amazing the impact that this course alone has had on the students at UH and I just want to thank you Professor Tran for all that you taught us this semester. I know I will be using these resources in the future for sure!