Final Band Project



  • The winter concert was a good accomplishment to show how we worked together at the beginning of the year.
  • My solo concert was an accomplishment because it made me overcome my fear of playing in front of people.
  • The pre UIL was good because it showed us what we are good at and what we need to improve.
  • UIl showed how far we have gotan
  • Beach within reach showed that we can do better
  • The spring concert showed that we can do good in a small amount of time
  • My solo concert showed that i can learn and do good on my own music.

My strengths and weaknesses

  • My strengths of this year are my scales i have grown better in my scales
  • My weakness is probably getting my slide in the right position with the right posture of my mouth.

My goal

  • My goal for next year is to be better at playing the trombone
  • my future band plans are to leave band, I realized band isn't my thing.

My overall band expirence

My favorite memories were playing the music that took a long time to prepare for. Also another of my favorite memories was going to beach within reach and playing with all my friends and having a good time.

I have learned that I like playing my trombone but it is not the thing i want to do, i don't like all the scale test and all the pass off to go to UIL.


Always do your best and do what you love. Practise hard on your scales because it determines what band you are going to be in next year. Don't give up just keep trying. Play the summer packet musice because at the beginning of the year you will have an assembly and you have to play at a football game.