Safety Online



PIN (personal identification number) is a numeric password shared between a user and a system.Many smartphones use PIN number.


Biometric scanners are fingerprint scanners that can be set to recognise someones unique fingerprint also they can be used for eye scanners. The iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 have biometric scanners, also called fingerprint scanners.


Encryption is a piece of data that only someone with a specific code can access. Today, encryption is far more sophisticated, but it serves the same purpose - to pass a secret message from one place to another without anyone else being able to read it.



Facebook is an online media with over 2 Million users. But what most users dont know is that once you create Facebook all of your settings are set to public, which means that whenever you upload something whoever looks at your profile can see and even download them.

Beeing safe

-Never give personal information such as address,telephone

-Inform someone if something is going wrong on the internet e.g Stanger trying to communicate with you.

-Never give out passwords to anyone they can use it against you any time.

-Never agree to meet anyone that you have met online they can be descised as anyone.


Another very important part or beeing safe online is downloading. Some files contain viruses or spywares which you never find out that are in your computer, so for a start download an anty-virus which once it has checked your computer for viruses informs you of if there is a virus or a spyware inside.

How do we know its real??

Most people download movies from sites such as 'Pirate Bay' and other sites like that. But once the file is downloaded they dont know what else it has inside.
For a start if you want to download movies see if other people have downloaded this file and also see the forums which in people say their oppinion about the file.

Also you can see if the file is real of fake by checking how big it is. Aproximetly a 2hour movie is about 2GB (depending on the analysis). If the file is less than 1GB or MB it is fake and probably has a virus.

Another way of getting a Virus is the fake programs that give you money or Exp. in games. All of those programs are fake and are just useless also they might even a survey.


Some files before you download them have survays, supposedly to see if you are a human. Which make you download a file E.g song which you have to pay or or in other accasions you have to insert your phone number. Once you have inserted your phone number you can lose up to 50$ from online lotterys that you never signed up for.