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By: Sophie Aguilar

pre-ap English 2nd period

Advice Column

Advice by Yulissa: A Girl in Love

Dear Yulissa:

I have a huge issue. Okay, so I've always been extremely ready for the cure. All my life I've been waiting to be immune to this "love disease." I was so ready to be assigned a husband and a life and future. But now, so close to my cure, I've fallen in love. I've caught the disease. I met this amazing boy named Alex and I really tried to not fall in love with him but I did, and I really don't know what to do about it. It's been so hard bottling this up inside. Please help me with your amazing, helpful advice!


A Girl in Love

Dear A Girl in Love:

Ouch. Haven't had the cure yet? Falling in love is hard when it's wrong, but there is a couple of ways to fix it. What I suggest is you move on and ignore it. You may be in love that you don't want to be rebellious. Let him go. Remove all contact with him. Ignore him, don't see him, don't even think about him if you can. Since you want help with the disease this will most likely be the best way to play by the rules. I hope to hear back soon with good news!

Good luck,


When love is wrong, could it become right?

Coming out in theaters this weekend, is a new movie based on the novel, Delirium. delirium is a movie that will have your heart twisting and turning in your chest, about a young girl turning 18, named Lena Halloway. Lena lives in a world where love is a disease. she was disgusted by this disease, known technically as delirium nervosa, and was ready for the cure. But as tables turn and things get crazy, what will she do? Play by the rules, or follow her heart? Go on the journey with Lena, to see a heartwarming story that will have you tears.

“I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.” -Lauren Oliver

Valids running into "The Wilds"

Could there possibly be underaged teenagers running into "the wilds?" Witnesses say the horror they witnessed of a boy and girl jumping over the gates. Just how many of our soon to be cured teenagers running through and coming back, INFECTED? Soon every teenager in Portland could be infected! A world with love? Keep your children in sight, or else everyone without the cure could become infected!
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Need help getting away from deliria?

Try the new Deliria Shield! This magical blanket will send away any love disease that comes within a mile from the Deliria Shield! Keep yourself and others safe, and purchase a Deliria Shield for just $25.95! Comes in five colors, black, white,pink, brown, and camouflage!
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Guards for fence between the wilds

Help wanted for any guard (men) in ages between 25-40 to protect the city of Portland and keep out invalids! for more information contact 1800-DELIRIA-GUARDS