European Countries

By: Loralei jackson


Government Type: federal republic.

Leader: Heinz Fischer, President of Austria.

Austrian government has limited powers.

Austria is apart of the European Union.

Current government event: Austria's renewed coalition government of mainstream pro-Europe parties got off to a rough start on Monday as hundreds of people dismayed by the scrapping of the science ministry protested outside the swearing-in ceremony.

Historical political event: Over the last decade, Austria has made significant progress in restoring art and property looted by the Nazis during World War II.

Monument: St. Charles' Church is a gorgeous church located in Vienna Austria. The Baroque and Neo-classical building is a famous landmark. The design of the church incorporates Greek and Italian architectural concepts.

Historical person: Around 800 Charlemagne, the king of Franks and eventually Holy Roman Emperor, established a territory in the Danube valley known as the Ostmark (Eastern March).

Population: 8.3 million

Arable land: 16.8%

Agriculture: wheat, oats, rye, fruits, vegetables, sugar, and a number of other items.

Human Environment Interaction: Since there is a lot of skiing in Austria, the young trees on the Alpine mountains are getting destroyed by the skis and this results in less oxygen produced in the air.

GDP: 399.6 billion USD

GDP per capita: 47,226.20 USD

Currency: Euro

Exchange rate: 1.36 US Dollars

major economic activities: Trade, Wine, Tourism

Famous Brands: Red bull, Swarovski


Religion:Roman Catholic Christianity

Famous landmarks: Schönbrunn Palace

Music/literature:The Sound of Music and The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Location:Central Europe and it bordered by Germany and Switzerland

climate: temperate

Topography: Most of western and central Austria is mountainous, and much of the flatter area to the east is hilly, but a series of passes and valleys.


Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

Leader: Queen elizabeth

Historical political event: King John was excommunicated from the Catholic Church by Pope Innocent III.

Monument: Stonehenge

Historical person: Sir Winston Churchill

Population: 53 million

Arable land: 71%

Agriculture: farming and industrial

Human Environment Interaction: long with the new industries, there was a lot of air pollution.

GDP: 2.435 trillion

GDP per capita: 38,514 USD

Currency: euro

Exchange rate: 1.64 US Dollar

Famous Brands: BP, Reebok

Language: English

Religion: Christianity

Famous landmarks: London eye

Music/literature: Beatles and Pride and prejudice, and the great Gatsby

Location: on the southern part of the British Isles

climate:seasonal temperature variation

Topography:Mountains and hills


Government Type:unitary parliamentary republic it is a limited government and is part of the European union

Leader: giorgio Napolitano President

Historical political event: Berlusconi's third term as Prime Minister begins 2008

Monument: colossium

Historical person:Julius Caesar

Population: 61.321 million

Arable land: 23.39%

Agriculture: tomato olives whet sugar.

Human Environment Interaction: long with the new industries, there was a lot of air pollution.

GDP: 2.013 trillion

GDP per capita: 26,327

Currency: euro

Exchange rate: 1.6 USD

Famous Brands: Ferrari, Prada, Gucci

Language: Italian

Religion: Christian

Famous landmarks: leaning tower of Piasi

Music/literature: opera, Luciano provatti

Location: south tip if Europe

climate: Temperate

Topography: Mountains