Christmas in The United Kingdom

By: Kevin Gough and Reese Walker


In the UK, many families set their house up like in the USA; Christmas trees, mistletoe, and holly are put in many places. One of the family traditions is that everyone in the family helps decorate the tree. Many times, entire cities or towns are decorated In Christmas lights, an event is held and usually a famous person is there to switch them on. Many people put on nativity plays and go caroling by candlelight.

Father Christmas/Gift Exchanging

Just like in the US, children believe in Santa but they know him as Father Christmas. Instead of presents going under the tree, children leave out stockings or pillow cases for the gifts to go in. As a treat they leave mince pies and brandy. Children write their letters to Santa, but they do something odd—they throw them in a fireplace and they are "sucked up through the chimney" for Santa to read.


The main Christmas meal is eaten around the afternoon. It's usually a big turkey, vegetables, a lot of bacon, and sausage. Dessert often consists of Christmas pudding, mince pies, and lots of chocolate. The UK is famous for their Christmas Cake- a rich fruit cake covered with marzipan and icing.
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In the UK, people are mainly Christian, and their beliefs consist of people like Jesus. They go to church and watch plays portraying how he was born.

Interesting Fact:

Some families even have two trees!