UG ET - Math Adventures!

3/22 - Fieldwork around the city (even after the snowstorm)!

Algebra 1

Students learned about data firsthand from different companies (Giphy, New York Times) and collected/analyzed data of their own in the real world (Grand Central Station, Oculus World Trade Center Transit Hub). They learned how data is used and analyzed within these companies. Students then came back to school to watch a documentary about data’s use in the world. Students will use today's data as a springboard for their PBATs.

Algebra 2

Students investigated various professions of interest at different organizations around the city (KMPG, NYC Office of Maternal, Infant, and Reproductive Health, Macy’s, Nielson, and Foster and Partners). They visited worksites and interacted with professionals who discussed what they do and how math is involved and collected qualitative data to write a narrative answering the guiding questions: How is math used in a variety of professions? Where is there evidence of teamwork and how does teamwork contribute to the success of the organization?


Students connected triangle relationships and trigonometry to pool tables by going to pool halls across Brooklyn to analyze real-life pool games the students played. They returned to school in the afternoon to create final products analyzing data from their actual games.

Pre-College Math

Students went to Columbia University to listen to a lecture on statistics, data collection and how that relates to bias and "Fake News". Students then engaged in a variety of related activities back at school, including a Kahoot challenge about fake news.

Pre-Calculus and Calculus

Students worked all day on their MPBAT problems/papers and supported as mentor-panelists on 6th grade roundtables.