Come Explore Circle 6

Ages 5-12

Field Trip To Hell

Come see the heretics, meet medusa, and explore hell.

Tour Of Hell

Friday, June 6th, 6am

The Gates of Hell, Darvaza, Dashoguz Province, Turkmenistan

Darvaza, Dashoguz Province

Be prepared for a day full of learning and a lot of fun.!
6:00-7:00 a.m.- Special tour provided by Medusa.

7:05-9:00 a.m.- meet with the infernal furies

9:05-11:55 a.m.- See the heretics living facilities.

12:00-12:45 p.m.- Lunch provided by Farinata & Cavalcante dei Cavalcanti.

12:50-1:00 p.m.- Leave at the Broken Cliffs.


Medusa will be giving a tour of circle six, but make sure you don't look at her or you will be turned to stone. She will take you to meet people and give you some facts about each place

Infernal Furies

Medusa will take you first to see the Infernal furies these terrible spirits torment souls. They had to be caged so they will not hurt people. Medusa will tell you all about them.

The Heretics

Medusa will show you where the heretics are. She will tell you about their tortures and how they can never come out of tomb they are sealed in.


Have a good healthy lunch.

The cliffs

After visiting the cliffs you will exit.