Grade Two News

Exeter-Milligan Public Schools

Reading and Writing

Through the present set of stories we are reading during class, students are learning facts about animals and their strength. Facts about telling time to the nearest second. In these stories, students practice reading bold-faced words with more force or expression. It is exciting to observe the students as they read with more and more expression!

Social Studies and Science

Students began the week learning about Martin Luther King, Jr.'s effort to create a world with equality. Each child posted a tweet about what they would dream to improve our world. Students working on Zondle may do Social Studies, Chapter 4, Our Country Today. In Science, students may work on Chapter 6, Earth's Resources.


Students learned how to draw a three digit number with base 10 symbols. Students also learned how to order 3-digit numbers and identify the median. They were excited to add three 2-digit numbers and get a sum greater than 100. If you have a face clock at home, have your child show what they learned about telling time using 5 minute intervals. Continued practice on subtraction facts was done at school; focusing on subtracting 4.