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April 2016

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Photosensitive OIls- What You Need To Know

I hope we will be experiencing a real spring soon. With nicer weather comes more time out in the sun! Yippee! That being said, there are certain precautions that need to be followed when using essential oils outside. Today I wanted to take the time to specifically talk about safety with essential oils and sunlight.

What is a Photosensitive Essential Oil?

Photosensitive essential oils are often in the citrus family. I have been loving all things citrus lately and that prompted me to learn more about oil safety. When photosensitive essential oils are exposed to sunlight, they have the ability to create a skin reaction. If you expose photosensitive oils to sunlight for up to 12 hours after use, it could create a rash or burn on your skin. As an exception, do not expose bergamot essential oil to sunlight for up to 72 hours after use.

What do you do when you love those photosensitive oils?

Enjoy photosensitive oils with a diffuser necklace:

A diffuser necklace has a locket style charm that contains a pad which you apply a few drops of oil before wearing. Your body heat helps the locket release the fragrance and you have no issues with the sun. My necklace will continue to smell lovely for five days.

Apply photosensitive essential oils at night:

I generally use lemon on my face when I have a breakout. Instead of putting the lemon on my face in the morning, I do so in the evening before bed. This actually works great as it allows the oil to work and by the morning the spot on my face in often considerably smaller.

Apply photosensitive essential oils to your feet:

If you plan to wear socks or covered shoes then apply the essential oils to your feet! Not only does this allow you to use these oils while the sun is out, but the oils also absorb very quickly through the feet as you have larger pores there. Even though the oils absorb fast, you still need to take safety precautions.

Apply photosensitive essential oils under your clothes:

If you are going to be wearing layers, simply apply the photosensitive oils under your clothes. Be sure you do not remove your layers during the day as you may accidentally expose the oils to sunlight.

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Spotlight on the Kiddos

The KidScents Oil Collection is a comprehensive kit that addresses the most common concerns of childhood. This kit includes six mild essential oil blends, formulated especially for children:

GeneYus- Helps child stay on task for school or anything that needs focus

Owie- Soothes sensitive skin and promotes healing

Bite Buster- Supports healthy skin and soothes all kinds of bug bites

TummyGize- Calms the body, eases nausea, cramping, little brother of Digize

SniffleEase- Uplifts the senses, promotes healthy breathing during sniffle-y season

SleepyIze- Relaxes the body and mind to promote a good nights rest

Conveniently packaged in an easy-to-carry case, this collection comes with two roll-on fitments for easy application, especially for Owie and TummyGize. This arsenal

of proprietary blends has been formulated in the appropriate strength to meet the needs of children and is a safe, natural alternative to comparable products found on many store shelves.

With the KidScents Oil Collection, parents and caregivers can safely and effectively navigate children through childhood to become healthy and happy adults.

Thanks All!

I am so happy to share my experiences with the oils and how they are helping myself and my family. I love to research and learn more about these amazing natural healers. If you would ever like more information on an oil or issue of concern please let me know.

Members, re-ordering is easy! Just click on the link below and sign in with your user name and password you set up when you purchased your Premium Starter Kit. You can place a one-time quick order, or if you think you are ready to become a full blown oil addict, you can sign up for Essential Rewards. This is Young Living's super flexible monthly order program which allows you to earn product credit. ER has so many great benefits, if you are interested I would be more than happy to tell you more about it.

Happy Spring to you and yours. ♡ Kira