New York


Basic facts

State: New York

Capital: Albany

U.S Region: Northeast

State bird: Eastern bluebird

State Flower: Rose

State Animal: Beaver

Ranking of statehood: 11th state

Nickname: NY



The highest mountain in New York is mount Marcy. The lowest mountain in New York is Giant Mountain.


The Atlantic ocean is the second largest world's oceanic divisions following the the pacific. The Atlantic and pacific ocean combined together is 106, 400, 000 square kilometers ( 41, 100, 000 sq mi) .

Natural Resources

The natural resources from New York are cranberries, mantle, granite, steel, mills, cotton, Erie canal that's under manufacturing .

Economic industries

New York economic industries are farming, restaurants, and mining,

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Human Impact

People have been building more companies, technology, resources, more than 1900's. Here are two first cars were like wagons now there like stock cars. first people traveled by trains now people travel by cars most of the time.

Disasters + Weather

In 2006 a tornado occurred in west Chester country. it was the largest & strongest in west Chester country it touched down Hudson river. It was affected by letting people get homeless and caused people to have no supplies or companies. They adapted by building more companies again. Crews were sent out to repair downed power lines and clear roads.