Archie nelson

His hands clasped around a glass

My dear, I’m so sorry. I want them to die. I want them to suffer. I want to shoot them, stab them and then watch them crumble to the floor, in pain, in so much fucking pain. That's the justice. That's what I want. Because understanding, because acceptance is not option binaire enough, you need the satisfaction. See them suffer. Because it will never be enough. Destroy them. Decimate them. Because they destroyed us. They destroyed me. She was trying to cry by the end, rubbing her eyes with rubber hands and yet she couldn't.

Instead her hands made liquid fists and she started hammering them into her head, striking it again and again. Felix was watching her with tears rolling down his cheeks. She stopped, looked up at him and took another swallow and drained the bottle. She option binaire placed the empty bottle on the floor and rolled it over to him. Where? He pointed to the cupboard with a sniff and she crawled over, reaching for another bottle, unscrewed it and took another huge pull. It wasn't enough. It would never be enough, but if only she could sleep the peace for one night.

Then maybe it would be enough. So she unscrewed it again and kept drinking. Evie didn’t hear Luca return. She was lying flat on her front on the floor, her head rolling from one side to another, occasionally sipping from a option binaire bottle. Felix was conducting an imaginary orchestra as he took a slug from another bottle. They did not notice he had returned until he snatched the golden bottles from their hands. They were like infants whose only lifeline had been taken away.

Evie propped her head up so that she could focus on Luca properly. He was shaking his head, gesticulating with the bottles and then quite suddenly and unexpectedly he threw the bottles at the wall. They shattered option binaire spectacularly into deadly fragments on the floor, the golden honey dripping sensually down the wall. Evelyn could almost have licked the wall. She turned over and reached up child-like for a hand.

Her head was too foggy and clouded, she couldn’t hear what he was saying until he pushed away her hand and she fell to the floor. Her head struck the concrete and jarred her neck. Luca was shouting at Felix who was cowering behind a cushion. What the hell is going on? I don’t expect to come home to this. She still couldn’t hear him properly and slurred some accusation at him. She knew he was taking option binaire his frustrations out on Felix because of her.
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