December 10th Pony News

Building a Brighter Future!


Melissa Villegas 2nd Grade

Hello Pony family! It has been a pleasure working alongside a school family filled with such graciousness and authenticity for each other and their students. This is my first year as a teacher and has been one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have ever done. However, it is not my first year in the trenches. I have been working with kids from all over the world, from all walks of life, to believe in themselves and see themselves as powerful and beautiful.

I come from the small town Lubbock, TX but lived all over the world, from Mexico to Africa to South America in my younger days. I finally settled down here in the DFW area, and graduated from Dallas Baptist University, when I met my husband who hails from Venezuela and is hoping to be a teacher next year, too! We have a beautiful little girl named Arella and a huge extended family that we adore. In my spare time, I enjoy being active, rock climbing, bike riding, hiking, camping, yoga, and anything else that comes along. I LOVE to cook and my sister is actually a chef that is applying for Master Chef next season.

Make a difference. Be the difference.

We, in Lewisville Elementary believe—and prove—that all children, even those considered “hard-to-teach,” can learn to high standards.

Our staff and teachers show how thoughtful instruction, high expectations, stubborn commitment, and careful consideration of each child’s needs can result in remarkable improvements in student achievement.

Every time you lead a Restorative Circle, a 90 second Spark, or 2-minute Connection, every time you mentor a student, every time you collaborate with your peers to improve instruction, every time you have data conversations with your students, every time you tell them you believe in them...they believe you.

Let's be the voice for our Ponies. They can do it! You are part of their hope.

Donovan Livingston is trying to make the world a better place by challenging educators to give every single one of their students an equal chance.

Teacher of the Month Nominees

  • Priscilla Gray is a wonderful, caring and totally dedicated to her students.
  • Kim Kilam she helps students and teachers throughout the school
  • I nominate Kristin Frazier because I have witnessed her demonstrate patience, endurance, and selflessness. On many mornings, Ms. Frazier performs her rounds and demonstrates the aforementioned as she escorts two of our youngest Ponies to their classrooms. Every time, she does this with a smile!
  • Kate Carleson, goes above and beyond for her team and all students.
  • Ms. Emily Becker, because of her hard work and dedication to her student and how she has been able to provide a variety of engaging activities in her classroom that the students enjoy and always is patience and kind.
  • Mrs. Lopez for being such a graceful and professional team lead. She is incredibly helpful, always positive, and very thorough. She is incredibly intentional with building relationships with her students and is always sharing new and relevant strategies and techniques with us.
  • Chantay Crawley
  • Rosana Lopez - Always has a positive mindset, is willing to listen to teammates without judgement, and willing to help.
  • Kristin Frazier - She is always willing to go the extra mile for her students and teammates!
  • Lance Thomas- doing so much everyday to make a difference for our kids!!!
  • Kristen Frazier - Ms. Frazier is always super positive and supportive of her team and school initiatives.
  • Mr. Becker because she does such a good job with her students and has does a great job with her classroom
  • Ms. Villegas. Because of her hard work and attitude finally paying off. Thanks for having a no matter what attitude with your kids.
  • 1st grade- Ms. Carlson
  • Isabel Bernal: for her amazing teaching skills and emotional connection with her students.
  • Mr. Ledesma. He is first the best partner teacher anyone could have. He is always helping out team, offering up great suggestions, and does a fantastic job with our students! He has already been lauded for his classroom management and how personable he is once you get to know him. I think he would make a Great Teacher of the Month!
  • Mrs. Carlson for going out of her way to prepare and organize documents for science in 1st grade.
  • Mrs. Boston . Mrs Boston is always supporting what is best for the kids, teachers, support staff, and administration. She has everyone's backs, never turns anyone away, and always does it with a smile.
  • Mrs. McNamara she is always lending materials and supplies to help other teachers.
  • Veronica Oporto because she's amazing and is always willing to help whenever she can.
  • Mrs. McNamara, she is always there to help her team and anyone else who might need help.
  • Priscilla Gray- She always projects a calm and under control manner. Her students love her and she manages her classroom beautifully.
  • Rosana Lopez, for being a great advocate for your students.
  • Mrs. Villegas- she is consistently working to make her students successful
  • Melissa Villegas-She has worked so hard alongside of many people to intentionally pour into and love her students
  • Mrs. Varona because she has been such a mentor to myself and to many new people on our team. She is patient and kind, always looks out for us and keeps us informed. I have learned so much from her this year and she has made my experience here at Lewisville Elementary a great one. I am very blessed to be her partner and to have her friendship.
  • Mrs. Kilam because she always goes above and beyond for her students. She not only addresses their academic needs, but their social and emotional ones as well. She also ensures that things are going smoothly at home and provides for any needs that they have out of her own pocket. She is all in for her students!
  • Kate Carlson. Kate is very giving of her time even when she was not well. She helps keep the team going. She is very crafty with technology and always shares her ideas and materials.
  • Franco: She is always willing to assist in any capacity and keeps a smile on her face.
  • Kim Milam because she is very helpful, knowledgeable and willing to take her personal time to assist others... teachers and students alike. She shared small group ideas, how she uses them, how it could fit my class. She is very willing to lift up another teacher and share for the teachers, students and the school.
  • Mrs. Lopez - She is very professional and knowledgeable. She treats all students with love and respect while enforcing good behavior. She participates and is engage in school activities.
  • Priscilla Gray - an AmAzInG 1st year teacher!
  • Mr. Anderson - His continuous compassion, empathy and commitment for his students.
  • Mr. Anderson — Mr. Anderson constantly shows unconditional love for his students. Every student needs a teacher like him in their circle.
  • Alicia Rowland is a wonderful instructional specialist who has such a sweet and kind personality.. She puts all she gots in everything she does with a smile. Keeps a postive attutide in all circumtances doing a fanstic job with our kiddos, staff and teachers.
  • Rosana Lopez is patient and a positive influence to all.
  • Priscilla Gray; her calm demeanor and her teaching style brings out the best in her students. They are already showing leadership by her influence.
  • Mrs. Priscilla Gray....Very professional, organized, caring, patient and outstanding teacher.
  • Miss Davis! She works so hard to bring so much sunshine to our school. She also is SO patient with her ponies and works so hard to make school a positive learning experience for all students.
  • Mr. Thomas. He is always willing to help during the school day but also does many things at evening school events to help make them a success. He is always developing positive relationships with our pony students. He is a great team leader. Our school is fortunate to have him.
  • Ma. Rodriguez -This teacher is always willing to help everyone besides her team with technology issues.
  • our very own TOY 2017/18---Because she is still one of the most dedicated teachers and person I've ever known!!
  • Coach W. works with students to help them be successful both in and outside of the classroom. He collaborates with teachers that have students with behavior problems and together create a plan that will help motivate the student to improve their behavior so that they can experience success. Coach W. also wears many hats at LVES. You will see him doing morning as well as afternoon duty. Any time there is an event in the evening or on the weekend at LVES, you will more than likely see him here helping to facilitate the event. Coach W. also knows almost every one of our 800+ students by first and many times last name. Coach W. has the best interest of all of our Ponies all of the time.....
  • Mrs. Wier because she is always working fir the good of her team and students. She is always trying to find solutions to challenging situations.

Teachers of the Month-Congratulations to both of our winners!


  • Mrs. Ramos is very humble and willing to help the students in any way they need
  • Mrs. E for working through issues with all our ponies, and being helpful to all teachers & staff!
  • The volunteer that diligently laminates our materials every week. I can't remember her name, but I do remember her kind gestures. She writes an encouraging note on my requests every time.
  • Wanda Oden, has gone above and beyond to make sure teachers and administrators have what they need when they need it even when it’s outside her field and if she can’t she will find someone who can. She make the job easier and more enjoyable.
  • Mr. Reed - because he always works hard with the students, and always build positive relationships with the students.
  • Mrs. Elva for going above and beyond to keep our school clean and for getting my student's $20 bill out of the trash when my student accidently threw it away.
  • Gaby Morales - thank you for always helping and being patient with our students
  • Laura Norton - She has a heart and undeniable passion for our students.
  • Yolanda Vando-being the go to gal in the office!!
  • Betty Guerrero - Betty is always going above and beyond for LVES. She is an essential part of the inner workings of our school! Betty does everything with a smile and is much appreciated.
  • Mrs. Scruggs because she has a great relationship with so many student and is very caring for them in many different ways
  • Mr.Reed. Thanks for being a brother and role model for our kids.
  • Paraprofesional Elizabeth Ramos
  • Sandra Hernandez : for her assiduous work and care that she demonstrate to our ponies.
  • Mrs. Oden. I have never had an instructional coach be so outgoing and helpful. She literally is the person you can just ask and she will make it happen! Let alone she is adamant about doing what is best for the students. Her outgoing, positive nature is something we can all aspire to have. I would like to thank her and hope she gets this recognition!
  • Mrs. Dickinson for support students and encouraging good behavior always from our students.
  • Mrs. Norton Always goes above and beyond to help, care for, and love the kids.
  • Mrs. Ramos she is always so positive and helpful to all.
  • Wanda Oden- She is an amazing professional person.
  • Mrs. Ramos, she always has a smile and is so very helpful.
  • Sandra Hernandez is always friendly and welcoming, available to help with any job, and displays a great attitude.
  • Mr. Reed, for always being ready to help and he is always great with our students.
  • Ms. Scruggs-she is always helping students
  • Mrs.Betty! She goes above and beyond to help anyone and everyone.
  • Elsa-Custodial Staff- She always keeps my room so clean, always put my trash cans back in their place. I am thankful for a clean room each morning.
  • Ms. Brittany because even though she is new to our campus she has given 100 percent of herself to the students from day 1. She has faced many challenges this semester, but she has always done what is best for kids with a smile on her face. She provides a critical resource for our campus, because without the ACE program, some of our students would literally be on the streets after school. Ms. Brittany is a wonderful addition to our Pony family.
  • Mr. Dixson: He serves with a smile and is flexible with supporting everyone.
  • Vando - Because she is always so helpful and extremely knowledgeable about all things LVES.
  • Gabby Morales - Gabby is always willing to help when needed. She is responsible with her duties and her academic groups.
  • Nurse Rachel Meyers - keep us all healthy and happy!
  • Mrs. Guerrero: She is absolutely amazing and she is always there when it counts.
  • Betty Guerrero- she is amazing
  • Yolanda Vando
  • Mr. Houston- goes above and beyond for kids
  • Mr. Reed - His continuous support to our students during Pony Time.
  • Mr. Reed - He is the best
  • Mr. Reed— Mr. Reed takes the time to build relationships with each student.
  • Elizabeth Ramos is a great teacher aide always willing to help, support and do ask that is asked of her. Wonderful and postive attitude, wherever she is ask to go and help out she's quick to go with a big smile.
  • The Morning Custodian. She is very hardworking, kind, and no matter how messy and tough things get she does it with a smile.
  • Gabby Morales always willing to help and goes the extra mile to help student and staff.
  • Gabriella Morales; she is a positive hard-working person who is willing to do whatever is asked of her with a smile.
  • Elda
  • Mrs. Laura Norton....Amazing counselor, work partner, friend and overall human! Super caring & helpful; always positive attitude; passionate about helping children...Simply The Best!!!!
  • Ms. Norton! She loves our ponies so hard and always bring joy to our campus. She is a bright face on a hard day and a shoulder to lean on. She is also someone to celebrate and dance with! Miss Norton is the best!
  • Denise Taylor. Denise is flexible and willing to accommodate changes if possible. She works hard to feed our ponies and does a great job organizing her staff. She is always an active participant in getting breakfast and lunch to our students.
  • Miss Betty is very professional and always makes herself available to staff. She is very well organized and does a great job keeping our campus up and running smoothly.
  • Mrs. Hernandez because she has the biggest heart and loves every child. She genuinely enjoys teaching her students.
  • Liz Ramos - Ms. Ramos helps everyone, and always has a smile. She is positive and loves our Ponies.

Staff of the Month-Congratulations to both of our winners!

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Hello Pony Family,

We have some amazing teachers who were nominated for the teacher of the year title, recognition, and honors. This year we have a tie between two astounding teachers who are very kind and generous human beings. They both go above and beyond to ensure that their students' academic and emotional (and even material) needs are met. Please take the time to vote for either: Mr. Anderson or Mrs. Kilam. All votes will need to be in by Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. Your vote matters! Please click cast your vote here. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Professional Learning Communities TEKS & ELPS Collaboration - Science Focus

These four questions constantly need to drive our conversations during collaborative planning, team meetings, vertical alignment, staff learning, data conversations, and any of our collaboration efforts regarding student achievement.
The questions are (DuFour, DuFour, Eaker, & Many, 2010):

  1. What is it we want our students to learn?
  2. How will we know if each student has learned it?
  3. How will we respond when some students do not learn it?
  4. How can we extend and enrich the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?

TEKS & ELPS Collaboration: 1st, 2nd, 4th (Science)

We will build a connection with ELA and discuss the TRTW (Talk, Read, Talk, Write) structure with each grade level. After viewing the ethics video, the teachers will learn what the structure of TRTW, see snippets of a lesson, and then experience an upcoming TRTW directly from Eduphoria. Teachers will also receive some examples from the TRTW book that discuss how they can use the structure in other content areas.

Lewisville Elementary- PBIS/Mr. Booher

Advisory committee members, remember we have Mr. Booher on campus on Wednesday to help us with our Safe and Civil Policies.
  • Ensure you have a substitute for the morning.
  • Have your lesson ready for the sub.
  • Inform your sub if they have to cover your duty in the morning.
  • Please look at the agenda for details.

Winter Celebration & Literacy Night - This Thursday

This Thursday, December 13th from 6-7 p.m. we will have a Winter Celebration (Specials showcase their work & Literacy Night).

Families will be able to view all the "special" things students have done all year & participate in literacy activities.

Extra Details:

-We need at least 2 volunteers to stay from each team. (Let your team leader know who the volunteers are.)

-Theme: Polar Express & students can wear pajamas throughout the day to be ready for the program.

-GT, Dyslexia & the LAS' will have a table set up in the hallway.

-Library will have a literacy activity & display specials work.

-In the cafeteria, each grade level team will have a literacy game to play with students & families. (Grade level choice of what game to play - We have games ready from last year.)

-Choir performs at 6:30 p.m. (Perform 1 song & then Sing-a-long style)

-PE & Science Discovery will have activities.

-Art will be displayed throughout the school.

Materials Mrs. Burleson needs help collecting:

-Christmas lights (10 strands & power cords)

-Fake snow

Staff Learning

We will have our Staff Learning on Wednesday, December 12th from 3:20 to 4:30.

Please click here to see the agenda.

Ethics Videos 3 and 4

We are required to watch Ethics Videos 3 and 4 before the end of semester in December. Please click here to see the plan.

LVES 12 Days Before Holiday Break

Let's celebrate and have fun during the last 12 days before the holiday. Click here to see all of the fun activities and treats that we have planned.
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Poverty & Trauma: Learning Brain vs Survival Brain

Thanks Mrs. McKensey for collaborating with me to present and provide information about Poverty and Trauma. Shout-out to the following teachers who attended the first poverty and trauma session (Mrs. Cichy, Mrs. Salazar, Mrs. Sammon, Ms. Helbig, Ms. Gray, and Mr. Fitzgerald). The video below was shared in Session One. I wanted to share it with everyone, to give us all a little more insight on how our students' brains are impacted by their perception of learning. Thank you for taking a moment to listen and reflect.

I station check ins

I station check ins for K to 2nd will be moved to January 24th.

Master Calendar

Click here to access the LVES Master Calendar. Thank you Coach Green for keeping the calendar up to date.

Our Pony Week

Monday, December 10th:
  • Santa's Shop Starts
  • Multilingual Coordinator on Campus
  • Wear a flannel shirt with jeans
Tuesday, December 11th:
  • TEKS & ELPS Collab. 2nd, 4th, 1st (Science)
  • Boys LWAL
  • Tutoring
  • On-line GT Extended LP Collab.
  • Enjoy some hot cocoa in the lounge and flavored coffee from our new Keurig Coffee maker available for all staff.
Wednesday, December 12th:
  • Dress for Success
  • Math LF on campus
  • Lewisville Elementary- PBIS/Mr. Booher
  • Campus Staff Learning after school
  • Enjoy breakfast on us! Come to the staff lounge before school starts to grab a breakfast taco.
Thursday, December 13th:
  • Girls LWAL
  • Tutoring
  • Winter Celebration + Literacy Night 6-7 p.m.
  • Find at least 3 friends, choose your favorite Christmas carol and sing your hearts out! Come to the office and sing. Make sure someone records you and email your video to Miss Lawson.
Friday, December 14th:
  • Student of the Month Breakfast
  • Santa's Shop Ends
  • 4th and 5th Grade Pre-LPACS
  • Wear jeans and holiday shirt

Important Information

  • December 10th: Santa's Shop Starts
  • December 11th: On-line GT Extended LP Collaboration/ TEKS & ELPS Collaboration 2nd, 4th, 1st (Science)
  • December 12th: Staff Learning/ PBIS/Mr. Booher campus visit 7:30 – 11:00 (Advisory Committee Members only)
  • December 13th: Winter Celebration + Literacy Night/K-2nd Istation Check ins
  • December 14th: Student of the Month Breakfast
  • December 17th: 2nd & 5th Math CBA - 2nd 9 wks/ Baby Shower 3:15
  • December 18th: 3rd-4th Math CBA - 2nd 9 wks/ NO TEKS & ELPS Collaboration/ Cookie Party
  • December 19th: 3rd-4th Reading CBA - 2nd 9 wks/ 3:15-4:15 Advisory Comm. Mtg.
  • December 20th: Holiday Staff Party at Salerno’s, Flower Mound 5:00 p.m. - NO Tutoring
  • December 21st: STUDENT & STAFF EARLY RELEASE END OF 2ND NINE WEEKS (2nd 9 weeks grades due January 7th)


Click here to submit a Shout-Out.
  • Mr. Hicks for coming in on his unscheduled days to check on our kiddos. You are a blessing to our school.
  • Mrs. Frederick for her thoughtfulness toward her team.
  • Ms. Frederick... thank you for the BEAUTIFUL wreath you made for EVERYONE on our team!
  • Ms. Frederick, She was so worried about making sure she brought extra warm clothing for her team members that she FORGOT HER OWN JACKET at home. :) . You are so giving and thoughtful to the people around you.
  • Bernal 4th Grade for our Team Christmas Gifts!!
  • Whoever made those CUTE Target Gift Card Holders
  • Mr. Houston for leading us through the trails at LISDOLA. He was so patient and kind to all my students :)
  • Mrs. Valdes for letting us have a day to leave at 1:00!!!!!!
  • 4th Grade Team - we slayed our first field trip (with little to no experience!)!
  • Mrs. Simpson for the Almond Joy - because sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't
  • Mrs. Hernandez (librarian) for her collaboration in helping make our campus spelling bee a success! Thank you Veronica!
  • Ms. Maurier, Ms. Snell, and Ms. Green for participating as spelling bee judges. You helped make it a success! Thank you!
  • Mrs. Arocha and Ms. Maurier for helping with clean-up after our campus spelling bee. Thank you ladies!
  • Thank you Mrs. Echevarria for helping me translate at the Pony Dad's meeting (and start the meeting when I was stuck in traffic).
  • Thank you counselors for helping all of our students and jumping in wherever you can.
  • Thank you to Mr. Anderson, Mrs. Kilam, Mr. Colon, Ms. Helbig, Nurse Rachel, Mrs. Echeverria, Ms. Green and Ms. Wooster for spending their Saturday taking the Ponies to Circle Ranch Holiday celebration. You Rock

December's Birthdays

  • Vicki Butler December 31st
  • Sandra Hernandez December 31st
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