Oh, Sweet Insanity...

A School Lockdown, Pageants, Pre-med, Travel, and More!

So yesterday my school was featured on national news...

My whole school got a text around 10:30 stating that there was a man with a firearm spotted on campus, and that we should remain inside our buildings/classrooms.

Let's just say after what happened in Boston the other day, I was scared out of my mind.

Originally, I was up on the third floor of the main building on campus when my class and I saw the text (we had just gotten done with lecture, so everyone was checking their phones).

Our (insert bad word here) of a professor heard the news and told us "I have a class in the next room this coming hour, so I'm going over there."

So, basically...he abandoned us. Nice, right?

We didn't know what to do, so a few of us walked downstairs where we saw SWAT jeeps driving by outside the window.

I didn't know whether to be comforted by this...or just completely freaked out.

I decided to go with the freak-out route to be safe, and took refuge in a hallway by a bathroom that could be easily locked if needed, with two others that had been in my class. The hallway was out of sight, with no obvious windows. I stayed on the first floor instead of going back upstairs because the stairs in that building are hard to get down, I feel like I did a pretty decent job figuring out where to go with my limited options, in case something bad were to happen.

Eventually we were ushered into a classroom on the first floor where they proceeded to turn off the lights, close the shades, and barricade the door. There were police running around outside...made me feel a little better that they were all there...that there were all of them, but only one man. But at the same time, it wasn't hard to imagine something worse happening. I was scared there would be another crisis...another bloody horror story on the nightly news. What if I was involved this time?

It turns out that the person spotted was carrying an airsoft rifle - which isn't lethal. However, those things look real - and resemble very large black guns.

Overall, It was a very scary and eye-opening experience. I am glad nothing serious happened and that everyone was safe. I am also glad that my school took the measures they did to ensure out safety.

This is news anchor Alyssa Marie, reporting from Wisconsin...now back to you in the studio.

On a completely different note...

You're reading the posts of a future Miss West Allis/New Berlin here :)

I am officially entering either the Miss West Allis or Miss New Berlin pageant this coming year (2014). Please consider coming to support me! I know that some people may judge my decision because of the stigma that surrounds pageants, but the Miss America pageant system is a wonderful scholarship opportunity for me, and one that I really need...the winner of the competition I am entering gets a few thousand dollars to use towards school!

Miss America pageants are much different than many of the typical "beauty pageants" you hear about. They are classified as "scholarship pageants," because they have no entry fees and focus on speaking skills, talent, intelligence, etc. I'm so excited! :)

I've been thinking about changing my major...

to Pre-Med, to be a general practitioner/specialty doctor instead of a physical therapist. But I feel like I just need to do shadowing galore this summer to figure out what I really want in a health science career.

But I mean, how cool would that be? Dr. Alyssa! (;

Israel, Israel, Israel!

I am, for sure, traveling to Israel this summer! I got my first maxi skirt for the "holy places" this last weekend :) Should be quite an interesting place to get to know Zack's family better in, haha...

Last point, I promise...

I miss all of you and cannot wait to actually see people in person. Counting down the days till we all get together again!

Xoxo <3