Esperanza Rising

Esperanza's amazing but hard life

Esperanza life in Mexico

Esperanza was so happy, because it was her birthday but then something bad happened. Something that everybody would cry about her dad died he came covered with kinda a black blanket.The one that killed papa was his brother Tio Luis he killed papa because he wanted to marry papa wife mama and she said no.Tio Luis got mad so thwe next day he went to ther house and bured everything down but on esperanza birthday papa gave esperanza a doll and she put it in her collection because every birthday she got a doll from her dad.While the house was brurning dow esperanza only got the doll she could the one that she got the one papa last gave her.

Esperanza's Life in California

Esperanza was not use to being poor she was use to being rich and wearing nice dresses.Esperanza was wearing used and dirty clothes.Esperanza was walking then a girl started to reach out to grab esperanza's hand.While the girl was reaching out esperanza reached out to and grabbed her hand.Esperanza was staring to get use to having no money and doing stuff for her self.Esperanza knew she had to work to get money.

Esperanza burend house

Esperanza was asleep while the house was burning.But soon they got got out of the house they could not find Esperanza's grandma . they soon found her but her ankle was enjered . Esperanza had no money no clean fancy dressy dresses or clothes.