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Three fascinating articles

Article 1

Title of Article: Brazil launches impeachment process against president Dilma Rousseff

Author of the article: Donna Bowater from Rio de Janeiro

Date article was published: December 3 of 2015

Source of article: The Telegraph


Fact one: The lower house of Congress started the process of impeachment because supposedly there are alleged financial irregularaties in her public accounts.

This is important because you can't hide money or receive bribes in a presidential campaign.

Fact two: Mr. Cunha is behind this accusation as he currently has an investigation into his own previous campaign. The charges against him are hiding money in swiss accounts and receiving bribes from the oil company Petrobas.

This is important because other leaders are facing accusations with hiding money. If they win election then that is not good because they hid money.

Fact three: Federal auditors audit all presidential campaigns to make sure rules/ laws are followed. If there is just cause a president can be impeached if found guilty. Impeachment processes have only happened two times in Brazilian history.

This is important because the federal auditors need to check if they followed the rules.

Summary: Ms Rousseff is presently being investigated for campaign corruption in Brazil due to suspected irregularities in her campaign funding. This is being headed by Mr. Cunha who is also being investigated for hiding money and receiving bribes in his own campaign. Some say he is trying to remove the negativity from himself. Ms Rousseff continues to express her complete innocence.

Reactions: My reaction or thoughts about this article are presidential process is difficult and money comes from different sources. It needs to be kept a legal process because this is still happening today. Someone in high power should not be corrupt if they are leading a country. It is like a good check and balance to keep campaigns in good standing.

Article 2

Title of article: Brazil dam rupture: authorities still searching for 28 bodies

Author of the article: By reuters

Date article was published: November 9 of 2015

Source of the article: The Telegraph


Fact 1: There was a massive mud flow and flood caused by ruptured dams at an iron-ore mine in Mariana, Brazil. It has displaced 580 residents, 28 people are missing, 4 known to be dead, and many business owners have major clean ups. It has left behind contamination and major destruction in its path.

This is important because they need to help the people who are displaced because of this disaster and find the missing people.

Fact 2: The southeast state of Minas Gerias is mineral rich which is a leading source of export revenue for brazil. Iron-ore prices are at an all time low and the clean up costs will be high.

This is important because its one of the leading source of revenue, without the iron-ore in Brazil they wouldn't have a great or high revenue.

Fact 3: Regulation of the mining industry is being scrutinized. The worlds largest mining company-BHP, Billiton LTD and the biggest iron-ore miner-Vale, SA are the two companies working to clean the destruction.

This is important because the iron-ore companies helped clean the mess up. Everyone should help out when a disaster like this happens.

Summary: The massive mud flow and flood happened in one of the most heavily mined regions in the world. This has caused regulation and possible previous trouble at the mine to be scrutinized. A previous look into the safety and possible corruption of the dams could have if followed provided the dams to be made more secure. Many lives have been lost and still missing and homes and businesses have been destroyed. Both companies are trying to clean and help by cleaning and housing those displaced by this disaster.

Reaction: My thoughts about this is that it is very sad hearing that 28 people are missing and 4 are dead. Many families are displaced which makes me think they are not together as a family and not happy. I feel bad for the people who were involved with this horrible disaster. This could be reduced by if they look into the safety issues of the dam before.

Article 3

Title of article: Museum of tomorrow will open in Rio de Janeiro on December 19th

Author of article:Georgia Grimond, Senior contributing reporter

Date article was published: December 16 of 2015

Source of the article:The Rio Times


Fact 1: This museum has been planned for 5 years in Rio's Porto Maravilha are which is in the city's center. On December 17, the mayor will officially open the Museum of Tomorrow, which is a contemporary science museum.

This is important because this new museum will be a great tourist attraction for people to see all over the world.

Fact 2: It sits on a pier out on the sea reaching out to the Museu do Amanha which is long and narrow, it reaches a maximum height of 18 meters. It sits on the pier that was going to receive Queen Elizabeth II.

This is important because it was a famous spot for Queen Elizabeth II to dock at.

Fact 3: There are many spots that the visitors can see from when they are inside the building, which are the Mosterio de Sao Bento do Rio de Janeiro. It opened to the public on December 19 at 10 a.m.

This is important because the visitors can see a range of different things while they are in the building looking out.

Summary: The museum of contemporary science opened to the public on December 19. This museum is dedicated for science and technology and aspects of philosophy, politics, and ethics. It took them a long time to plan this museum and get it up and running because it is so big. There are many viewpoints the visitors can see out from the museum.

Reaction: My thoughts are that it is a beautiful museum that everyone will love when they see it. I myself would love to see it one day. I think that the science and technology part of the museum will be a great way for people to see different things. This museum is going to be a huge site seeing spot for visitors to come.