Keep Americans Off of Mexican Land

The United States have continued to take our land and ignore our laws. They have refused to adjust to our customs to reside in Mexico. After the US-Mexican war ended in 1848, we lost almost half of our land. This is why article 27 of the Mexican constitution was written to prevent further loss of this land. If the amendment were to be ratified, we would start to lost more land to the US.

Settlement of Texas

American Settlers Ignore Laws Abolishing Slavery

The Americans brought their slaves with them when settling in Texas, even though Mexico had already abolished slavery in this region. They tried to justify this by calling them indentured servants for life.

Inability to Follow Simple Requests

The Mexican government granted huge tracts of land to any Americans that wanted to settle there, at a very cheap price. In return, they asked that the Americans give up their citizenship to become Mexican citizens, convert to Roman Catholicism, and learn Spanish. Many of the Texan settlers ignored these requests. Even after given a generous grant of land, the Americans refused to follow these conditions.

Blatantly Ignored Mexican Laws

President Bustamante of Mexico created laws among which was the prohibition of further immigration to Texas from the United States, as well as requiring the Texans to comply with the slavery issue. Despite these laws, more Americans continued to move to Texas and bring their slaves with them.

Texas War for Independence

Declared Independence from Mexico

Throughout the years, Texans revolted against President Santa Ana's dictatorship and declared their independence from Mexico on March 2nd 1836. They then adopted a constitution that legalized slavery, despited Mexican laws that abolished slavery.

The Alamo

The newly made Texan constitution marked the beginning of the Texas war for independence. One of the battles in this war was when the Americans tried to take on the Mexican army at an abandoned mission called the Alamo. The Alamo was a bloody battle that resulted in many casualties on both sides.

Forced Signing of the Treaty of Velasco

After the Texans revolted at the Alamo, Americans joined the Texans in fighting the Mexican army despite the American neutrality agreement. At the battle of San Jacinto River, the Mexican President Santa Ana was captured by the Americans and Texans. They forced him to sign the Treaty of Velasco which recognized Texas as an independent republic.

Texas Joins the Union and Takes Mexican Land

The Texans sent an appeal to US capital seeking admission to the American Union, and in December of 1845, Texas was officially admitted to the union causing a great loss of land for the Mexicans.

War With Mexico

The United States: Likely to Provoke War Again

Mexico had claimed land north of the Rio Grande. This was a problem becuase Texas had declared the river its border. Because of this, President Polk pushed American troops across the river into disputed land. This was seen as an act of defiance and was the reason war was declared on the US on April 23, 1846.

Seizure of Mexican Capital

The US Navy seized the Mexican cities of Montery, Los Angeles, and most importantly, the Mexican capital, inflicting thousands of causalties. This was only one of many bloody battles that the Americans fought against the Mexican army.

Santa Ana Steps Down from Presidency

Due to American success, President Santa Ana had no choice but to resign from his presidency and eventually his military command.

Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo

On February 2, 1848 the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo was signed. This treaty called for the annexation of the northern portions of Mexico, including Texas, to the US. Due to the war, Mexico lost a large amount of land to America.
Soon the amendment will be taken up by the Senate. We cannot let the idea of letting Americans own land near our borders become a law. You can take action and speak out against this by contacting your elected offical.