All About Me

by Ally Maiaroto

My birthday is in the summer

My birthday is august 1st 2001. On my birthday we are usually down the shore. I like to go on the beach on my birthday.

I like swimming

I love to swim at my cousins pool. i learned how to swim at age 5. I love swimming with my friends.

My favorite animal is a zebra

My room is filled with zebra printed things. I think zebra are cool because they all have different strips. I wish my room had more zebra.

I have a dog

I have a beagle named Stanley. My dog's birthday is june 2nd 2009. My dog is not like most beagles he has spots on him.

My favorite color is blue

I love the color blue. Blue has been my favorite color for a long time. Alot of things i own are blue.