Brown City High School PD

Friday, October 2nd

Tech Break Out Sessions 1:10-2:10 meet in library to start

  1. Google Forms--Continue working on creating Google Forms assessments for unit tests, marking period assessments, or semester exams. Neil will be in the library to help with any questions you may have on this from 1:10-1:45. Everyone will attend this session from 1:10-1:45. You may stay in this session until 2:15 if you like.
  2. QR Code Lesson Ideas--Presented by Neil in Audrey's room from 1:45-2:15. If attending this one please grab an Ipad or make sure your phone has a QR Code Reader App downloaded.

PSAT Fall Testing Day Overview in Library from 2:15-2:35

Go over what the plan is for our October 14th Fall PSAT testing schedule. Go over classroom requirements, proctoring requirements, 7th graders' plan (since they are not testing), 12th graders' plan (since they are not testing), and everyone's role/responsibility on this day.

We will also briefly discuss the SAT/PSAT Parents' Night that is planned for Wednesday, October 7th at 7-8pm.

Special Ed Modifications in Michele's Room from 2:40-3:05

As a staff we will look at how we are modifying lessons/tests for our special education students. Michele and Neil will present a general education lesson that will involve a few modifications for those of you who also have special education students in your classes. This will also tie into possible differentiated instruction strategies for those that don't have the special education students included in their classes.