Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade


Pirate Pride is Friday. Students that had a 90 or above, no missing assignments, and no office referrals will have a 20 minute time slot to play on jumpers and an obstacle course.

Reports cards will be available to view online by Friday.


Beginning this week student’s will have math homework at least two nights a week. They will receive a page on Monday that will be due on Wednesday and a page on Wednesday that will be due on Friday. Students may not know how to do every problem, but I expect them to try them all. We will discuss and go over each of them in class. For students to be a part of the discussion and learn they must have completed the page. If you have any questions, please let me know.

We will continue to work on equations and order of operations. Students need to be working on divisibility rules, prime and composite numbers, and solving multi step equations. They also need to be studying unit #2 vocabulary. We are still in topic 7.1 and all of topic 10 in the envision workbooks that were sent home last week.

We will take Unit #2 content and vocabulary test on Monday, October 19th.


On Monday we will review and analyze our Unit 1 test. Tuesday - Friday we will read "James Forten", and be looking at Biographies and Autobiographies. We also will be looking into point of view; who is writing the text and opinions we can infer about the author's point of view.

Vocabulary practice page & Reading Log will be due Friday

Unit 5 Spelling test & Comprehension test on Friday!


We will finish up force and motion this week. Students will take a quiz over force and motion and unit #3 vocabulary on Tuesday. On Wednesday we will start Unit #4 Light and Electrical Energy. In this unit we will learn about circuits, reflection, refraction, and energy. Please be sure students study their notes and vocabulary for Tuesday's quiz. The vocabulary words they will need to know for this quiz are force, motion, gravity, friction, and mass.

Social Studies

We will continue discussing colonial America. Students will learn about settling Plymouth, and the Quakers. We will compare the New Colonies: New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies. We will finish up learning a little about slavery in the colonies.