injustices in the world

what is the issue

My issue is racism and stereotyping. I think its a problem because no one should be hated because of the color of their skin. No one should also be talked about because of stereotypes.

who does this issue affect

This issue affects anyone who is being stereotyped or l hated because of their race. Anyone could be discriminated against for race and allot of people are stereotyped. Discrimination doesn't just happen to African Americans it happens to allot of people that's why we should stop it.

why should there be a memorial

I think there should be a memorial because many people have gone through a time like that were their being talked about because of stereotyping. also people have had a hard time going through racism so they would want to be remembered. no one should have a hard time dealing with things like this so there should be a memorial about it.

where should this memorial be

I think this memorial should be placed in Washington D.C because that's a place where everyone is and most memorials are at that location.

what are your goals for this memorial

My goals for this memorial is that its remembered. also that it can be a sign of the past and hopefully stop racism