Slavery or not that is the question

By:Alexis Jaramillo, 5th period,


Many Texans considered the election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency (November 1860) as a threat to slavery. They urged Governor Sam Houston to call a convention of the people to determine what course of action the state should take. Houston, devoted both to Texas and the Union, paid little heed to these requests, refusing to take any step that might aid secession. The demands for a convention increased, however, with the secession of South Carolina in December 1860 and the calling of state secession conventions in Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana in early January. A group of secessionist leaders, including O. M. Roberts, John S. (Rip) Ford, George M. Flournoy, and William P. Rogers, issued an address to the people calling for the election of delegates to a state Secession Convention in early January. Houston attempted to forestall the convention by calling a special session of the legislature and recommending that it refuse to recognize the convention. Instead, the legislature gave approval to the convention, on the condition that the people ratify its outcome by a final vote.


  1. Got worried when Lincoln got elected president
  2. South rushed to tell Sam Houston about it
  3. I think that they were immature. they didn't want there slaves to leave.
  4. I also think the south was to lazy to work so they just got slaves
  5. Sam Houston refused
  6. they that Lincolns election a threat to slavery


Why did slavery happen. Why did the south get scared when Lincoln got elected. Why did the south have slaves.

how did the south get slaves. How was the civil war important the U.S. history. How did the slaves live after they got freed

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