Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C.

Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is located in the West Coast of California. LA is the second largest city in America.The pitcher Ryu is in LA Dodgers. LA Dodgers is a baseball team in LA.The Baverly Hills is one of the most richest towns in LA, There is a soap opera "Baverly Hills 90210".So many celebrities live in LA. Like a "Paris Whitney Hilton" and "Lindsay Dee Lohan" and so on,,,.The Hollywood is also in LA. Hollywood has lots of hand printings and foot printings of very famous actors and singers of the world.There are so many statues of characters and movie studioes in Universal studio.
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San Francisco.

The Golden Gate Bridge is in San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge is 2789meters long and 227meters above the water. It took 50 minutes to cross the bridge by walk.There is a China Town in San Francisco. The town is the most largest town in North America.The Cable Car is very famous in San Francisco. It is very good for tourism. There are three Cable Car lines, The "Powll Hyde" line is the most famous one.The "Lombard Street" is in San Francisco, It is known for zigzag street and Hydrangea.
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Washington D.C.

There is Newseum in Washington. Newseum is a museum of journalism and newspaper. We want to go there because We are majoring in journalism and broadcasting.There are sixty million people in Washington. Which is occupied over 70 percent by African - Americans.We have to becareful in Washington because FBI Head quarters and White House is in Washington.There is Korean War Veterans Memorials in Washington. We should not forget them. If they did not  help our country, We can not stay here. ^v^
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