The Lutton

by Noemi J 2/18/16 Block 1

Our Slogan

Don't worry we got your back!
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About the company

The company runs by the Jasso family.The company is not that big but not that small either there is only 50 people running his company.The company is based out of the electricity so we need mills to power our factory which reminds me of the industrial revolution when there was the factory system.

History of the company

The company was made in 2013.The company was put together by a idea of one of my family members named Yazmin we were in bed and the last person that when to bed had to turn off the lights but my sister never did that so one day i thought i wish there was just a button to turn off the lights.i wanted to help people that had the same problem as me like how people had problems separated fiber from cotton and they made the invention cotton Gin. Like how the idea of nationalism pervaded and quickened all our lifes and work.A cool fact is that James Monroeś grand grand child works here.

Product name

My product is a button that turns on and off the lights.You can use this product when you want to turn on or off the lights.You would want to buy this if you are tired of always walking over to the on or off switch to turn on or off the lights.You can buy this product in the Jasso inc. company.


The Lutton cost $10 it really doesn't cost that much.Our deal is buy one and get another one free.You can buy the Lutton product in a large amount.


Lots of people really liked this product because they can do less work all you have to do i just press a button and the lights go off or on. 85% of the people have used this product and recommended it.You can really tell the sectionalism when i saw all the people coming to buy my product so do not miss out and come get your Lutton.

National pride

This product it will help the people in the country do less work.For example how the Erie Canal helped the people transport this product will help the people do less work.

Guarantee or Warrantee

If the product breaks don't worry just bring it to the Jasso inc and you will get a new one half off.There is no interchangeable parts because the pieces of the product are to small.
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