Camp Pre-K News

Ms. Summer and Ms. Lori

November 12, 2015

Reader's Workshop

Tuesday, we began the week with My "v" book by Jane Belk.

Wednesday, we read another Building Block Book nominee called Oh So Brave Dragon by David Kirk where we discovered the the dragon was not so brave after all!

Thursday, we read our next Building Block Book nominee I'm My Own Dog by David Ezra Stein.

Social Studies

This week was jam packed for Social Studies!

We are continuing to collect money for "The 12 Movies of Christmas" for Haiti. This week our total was $46.95! We had SO many students bringing money in from their piggy banks and waiting in line with their servants heart! It makes us so very happy to see the smiles on their faces as they wait! Thank you for raising some truly amazing kiddos!

Our Veteran Mr. James came in to visit us on Wednesday. He told us all about his job with the United States Air Force and all about his airplane, "The Raptor!" After our visit with James, we talked about all of the branches of the military, what they do to protect us, and the flags that represent them. We were able to see the actual flags displayed in the hallway of our school.

We finished off our week on Thursday discussing our rights as a United States citizen to vote. We are still waiting to read one last Building Block Book, so we were unable to vote on Thursday, but hopefully the book will be at the library over the weekend and we can read it on Tuesday and vote for our favorite!

Thursday, we also celebrated Lydia's birthday and got to learn 5 new interesting facts about her and enjoyed Oreo cookies!


Our number this week was the number 5 which is a tricky number! "Dive, tummy, hat, FIVE"! Numbers are a little tricky for some of the class, so extra help at home might help out!

Writer's Workshop

We are continuing our "Starting Corner Capitals".

This weeks letter focus was "V". We discovered that we could actually come up with several words that begin with the letter "v".

We also made our Veterans Day flay for Mr. James, our veteran, who came in to talk to us. He loved it so much and each student who wanted, got to take a picture with him in front of the flag that the Wednesday classes all made together!


Library books are due every Thursday! The library sends out "late" notifications on Wednesdays, but they are not late! Just use that as a reminder to return them on Thursday! If a student has 2 BOOKS checked out, they will not be allowed to check out another book until at least 1 book has been returned!

Nov. 19: Pre-K Feast (Mary Williams and Tricia Nielsen are our parent volunteers)

Nov. 24-26: NO KCLC

Dec. 15: Stocking Exchange/Jammie Day

Dec. 22-31: NO KCLC