Healthy lifestyles In middle school

By Abigail Romba

Do you believe that middle school children should be given the option of attending gym class? Is government control of school cafeteria menu's necessary? So why am I asking you these important guestions? Read on then decide for your self what is necessary for a middle school children to be healthy as I believe gym class,health class, and nutritious school lunches are important.

Most of a middle schooler day is spent sitting in chairs, there for there are a lot of benefits of exercising in gym class. Some of the benefits of exercising are it strengthens your muscles and keeps your bones strong. Exercise has also proven to show an improvement in grades, decrease anxiety, cope better with stress, and lowers your risk for diseases. Gym class also teaches self confidence and team work.

Attending health class is very important so that students learn to make healthy choices. It is necessary to lean about the effects of not eating healthy, using drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking the lack of exercise and unhealthy weight loss such as anorexia. All of these could result in disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, lung of liver cancer. These diseases can shorten your life span.

Kids need to learn about healthy life styles and healthy life choices. On of the ways that you can teach kids about healthy life choices is by school lunches. Rember school lunches may be the only healthy meal for the day for some children. It may be the only meal that is well balanced and nutritious. It may be the only healthy meal that contains fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and meats. By eating healthy at school it may help you to make better eating habits at home.
So what if I want to ba a lazy, uneducated junk food junkie. It a free country. Let me be. I'd rather sit on the couch all day and eating potato chips and drinking pop. Than exercising and eating healthy. I don't like sweating when I exercise and I hate fruits and vegetables. Besides that gym equipment and eating healthy can be expensive.
It is my opinion if you are not taught the importance of healthy eating and healthy lifestyles at a young age. You will never know what is needed to stay healthy. So " attention all middle schoolers". Participate in gym class; listen closely in health class and make wise choises when in the cafeteria lunch line. YOUR LIFE IS DEPENDING ON IT !!!!!!!!!!!!


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