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. Lighting strikes the same time every day

. Ever lasting fire

. Koi fish in pond

. The Erik Fisher dream is spreading

. Paul Fisher is the best soccer player that they have

. Paul sees his school for the first time

. Paul makes some friends

. Plays soccer with his friends

. Paul is assigned a pair of ''eyes"

Erik Fisher Football Dream

Erik was once a soccer player. He was a great kicker but he decided to quit and join football. Since he used to play soccer he was a great kicker. He became a kicker and that was when the Erik Fisher dream started. Paul is also playing soccer but he never quit. Paul is the best goalie that the Tangerine county has. I think that his mom is going to start the Paul Fisher dream.

Tragedy Strikes

Erik and Arthur come home in the land rover and when Erik got out he said that Mike Costello was dead. He was resting on the goal post when KABOOM. He was dead before he even hit the ground. His little brother kept on trying to take his shoes off. Later Paul heard Erik talking to Arthur joking and laughing at what had happened.


Paul is jealous because Erik gets all the attention making him think that Erik was trying to kill him. Erik is still a popular football star making him even more cocky. Finally, Paul thinks he is the best goalie there so he is not going to practice as hard as everyone else there.


Thursday, Oct. 15th, 4:30-6pm

Soccer Field

The is a soccer team tryouts this October 15th. It will be from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. Make sure you bring plenty of water and know what position you want to tryout for. If you don't have a position be prepared to walk home in the rain. We are accepting 13 players. Be prepared to come work hard and remember our moto...... LEZ EAT