Principal's Weekly Newsletter


~ September 7th, 2020 ~


letter from the principal

An Update on School COVID Status

Dear Celtics,

We are incredibly proud of all the members of our HT community for taking our Covid Safety Protocols so seriously. We thank all the Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents/Guardians, and Visitors for being so diligent with wearing their masks at all times inside the building and keeping their hands slathered in hand-sanitizer throughout the day.

Now that we are all starting to be comfortable with our routine, it is time to remember that we must not let our guard down. Please practice strict safety during this Holiday Weekend so that we do not become one of the schools hit by the "Labor Day Relaxing". Be careful everywhere you go and please do not become complacent and normalize spending time in close proximity, with or without masks, with anyone who is not in your quarantine group.

Likewise, this coming week our neighboring public schools kick into gear as far as face-to-face instruction. Their challenge is infinitely greater than ours and they may struggle keeping social distancing protocols in place. If you have friends or family in public school, work with them and ask that they work with you to support your social distancing and be especially vigilant to not be in social situations that expose you, and therefore our school, to a community spread that we've worked so hard and so successfully to contain.

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Rapid tests and perhaps even vaccines, may be within sight. Abbott rapid tests in particular may be available sooner than previously hoped. The availability of these tests will completely change our equation and allow us very likely to reopen our school to full attendance. Let us not squander the caution we've implemented into our routine when we are in the home stretch.

[For Information about Abbott tests, click HERE. From this information, you can then go research similar progress in the fight against the spread of Covid.]

Continue to social distance and wear masks outside of school, avoid large gatherings or gatherings with friends and families where masks are optional, and just allow yourself to be a little OCD around the edges. Your precaution is Holy Trinity's success.

Remember ESPECIALLY to treat your faculty/staff with kid gloves - be hyper respectful of keeping them safe - if they are forced to work from home, the whole school works from home and everything that is HT will grind to a halt.

Thank you all for all your care and caution these last few weeks. It has made all the difference.

God bless us all!
Mrs. Brogan



september 7th - september 11th

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Affability is related to the virtue of Justice (Fairness). Affability is the virtue of approachableness. It partakes of justice in that a person adjusts to other people, giving each one the respect he or she deserves. But charity also enters into affability, since being friendly to others often requires the practice of selfless love, and not only of justice. (Etym. Latin affabilitas, affability, friendliness, kindness, courtesy.)


Virtue of the Week - Affability

Monday, September 7th - NO SCHOOL - LABOR DAY

Tuesday, September 8th - Blue on Campus - Mass Uniform on campus

Wednesday, September 9th - Gold on Campus - Mass Uniform on campus

Thursday, September 10th - Gold on Campus - Regular Uniform for All

  • Saint of the Day: Saint Thomas of Villanova
  • Thursday class schedule - Class periods 2, 4, 6, 8.
  • School starts at 8:15 and ends at 3:45
  • lunch at 11:30 - Pre-ordered Big Chew Chew's or bring your own.
  • Uniform: regular uniform
  • Prayer Service: 9:54 am Distance Learners click here for the link: Virtue of Affability Video

Friday, September 11th - Blue on Campus - Spirit Wear for All

Saturday, September 12th:

  • Saint of the Day: Most Holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • This feast is a counterpart to the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus; both have the possibility of uniting people easily divided on other matters. Mary encourages us to cooperate with Jesus in building a peace based on justice.
  • HT 2nd Annual Tenroc Cross Country Invitational: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Tenroc Ranch, 5471 Thomas Arnold Rd, Salado, TX 76571 - Come support your Celtic Cross Country team! Go Celtics!

Sunday, September 13th:

Monday, September 14th - Blue on Campus - Regular Uniform for All


  • Saint of the Day: Exaltation of the Holy Cross: Saint Helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine, is credited with having found the cross on which Jesus was crucified.
  • Monday class schedule - Class periods 1, 3, 5, 7.
  • School starts at 8:15 am and ends at 3:45 pm.
  • Lunch at 11:59 am - Pre-Ordered CFA or bring your own.
  • Uniform: regular uniform.
  • Prayer Service: 9:54 am. Distance Learners click here for the link: link will be posted here.


~ Last week at a glance ~

Father John Guzaldo from St. Luke's Catholic parish in Temple came to HT to celebrate our blue day mass.

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Thank you to all who assisted: senior Nathaniel E., freshmen Joseph J. and Isabelle G.(altar servers); senior Caeleigh S. and freshman Liberty M. (music); freshman Leyla R. (lector); Mrs. Rockwood: music; Ms. Snyder and the senior class: Set up and take down.

Thank you especially to the freshmen who put aside their nervousness to help with our Mass.

And thank you again to Fr. John for all his support with our new Mass schedule!

thank you father John!


Father Chris Downey from St.Joseph's Catholic parish in Killeen came to HT to celebrate our Gold day mass.

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Thank you to all who assisted: seniors Cate B. and Kevin M, junior Bryce E. (altar servers); juniors Nathan O. and Andrew L. (music); senior Jencie T. (lector); Mrs. Rockwood: music; Ms. Snyder and the senior class: Set up and take down.




A huge THANK YOU to all our parents and friends who donated kneelers for our Masses in the KC Hall this year. They have made all the difference! Thank you especially to the Nikolaidis family and the Barkis family, each of whom ordered us entire cases of kneelers! What a sight that was when these huge boxes got delivered to the front office. We sure appreciate your generosity!

Below: Somehow Mrs. Enriquez and Mrs. Kelley ended up on 'kneeler duty' and always have a laugh when they try to fit all the kneelers back neatly in the box!



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we welcome The daily humdrum

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snack bar cards now available

You can purchase a Snack Bar card for your student. They're $20 each and are kept at the snack bar. Students can walk up to the snackbar and get a drink or snack and it's deducted on the card. They don't have to worry about forgetting to have $$ in their pockets.

Contact Mrs. Mungia to purchase one. They are added to your FACTS payment.

NB: You cannot buy Friday pizza with the card - for that you do need to have dollar bills in your pocket.


the athletic locker room is shaping up

Thank you to all our football boys for taking pride in keeping their helmets and uniforms organized and looking good. Coach Shelton was so excited to show off the new helmets AND how they're cared for. Celtic Spirit!
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Advertisements and Building our Holy Trinity FAMILY Together

Dear HT Family,

Previously I had sent out a letter inviting all students, faculty and the board to share the information about supporting Holy Trinity through our Sports Media Guide.

Thank you all so far that have shown support, placed and ad, or helped, remember athletes get 2 free longhorns for each ad sold, and a prize is given to overall student who sells the most. I need to get all these ads in as soon as possible.

I created this online form and shareable link below to help extend our efforts for people to give and make sharing easier. If you wouldn't mind sharing a version of the text below to your families, colleagues or friends in an email, that might want to support it is greatly appreciated. Sometimes coming from a personal connection through an email or social post will get the greatest response. Thanks for sharing a part of this email below by copying and pasting it in your emails or ask parents if you can, I am happy to follow up if you have names to reach out to as well.


Jane Boone

Director of Development

Dear Friends,

Let Holy Trinity help give your businesses exposure or thank you for your general support, and let's grow our community together. Please consider general support, placing an ad, a coupon for your business or products, or just sharing this information with others, everything is appreciated.

The booklet is a 8.5 x 11 professionally printed booklet, and will be shared with families throughout Central Texas. The guide is handed out at all sporting events year round and advertisers also will be shared on Holy Trinity's social media. Please see the link below and fill it out so we can include you for 2020-2021. If you have questions email Jane Boone

Show Your Support and Advertise with Holy Trinity. Help us get to know you, and give back to our supporters, click on the link and fill it out and we will be in touch.

Thank you for your service and your support in the community.


make sure you've signed up for the Remind App

Dear Celtics Parents and Guardians and Students:

If you are new to the school, please sign up to our Remind App for parents and guardians to receive text alerts to your phone from Holy Trinity with brief reminders or alerts.

For example, we will send you reminders of changes to the schedule, reminders about the uniform for the day, or alerts about the weather and potential delays or closures.

1) If you are a PARENT OR GUARDIAN:

Please follow these simple steps to sign up:

  • Text @htfam20 to 81010.
  • select parent as your role.

2) If you are a STUDENT:

Please follow these simple steps to sign up:

  • Text @htchs20n21 to 81010.
  • Select "student" as your role.

It's that easy!

You do NOT need to download the app to receive the text alerts.

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the walden library is open

Greetings from the Holy Trinity Librarian, Mrs. Ciupek!

A few notes for this fall semester:

Librarian Hours: Thursdays & Fridays: 100 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Self-Check-Out Log: All students, faculty and staff must fill out this form when checking out items. You’ll find the clipboard on the front desk. If I’m in the Library, I will provide “auto-scan” services.

Due Dates: Two weeks from check-out for everyone. Renewals are practically unlimited unless a hold has been requested. Everyone receives 3 automated reminders that the “Due Date is approaching.” When items are overdue, everyone receives 3 automated reminders, up to two weeks. The policy is that semester grades will be held until overdue items are returned or replaced if lost or damaged.

• In-Library Policy: In keeping with school policies during this crisis, I am limiting capacity to 5 students in the Library at any one time, with appropriate spacing of students. As each group leaves the Library, I will disinfect all surfaces.

On-Campus (part-week) Students: My hope is that students will discover the “Power of Books”—the kind that you hold in your hands and flip pages! Please drop by and browse!

All-Distance Students (non-campus): Those students who are learning virtually all year (not those who attend on campus) may select books or other items via the website:

The next step is to contact the Librarian via email (scroll to the bottom of the Catalogue/Library Page). Give me the titles/author and the Bar Code:

*Bar Code (320.973 BUR)

I will gather those items for distance students only. They may pick up items on Thursdays and Fridays while I am in the Library, or on other days at their convenience from the front office.

Please note that I can only gather books for you on Thursdays and Fridays, so please be patient!

That’s it for now! If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me ( or drop by!

Many blessings,

Kira Ciupek, Librarian

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the amazing 2019-2020 yearbook reminds us of what we were before covid...

and what we will be again! Thank you Mrs. Oman for another stunning Yearbook!


parents and friends, we invite you to watch this video to understand how we are ministering to our students.

Introduction to the Virtues - Holy Trinity Catholic High School



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a message from our Counselor, Mrs. Cheryl Sanders

Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar


Every year Holy Trinity students have received a booklet called Compendium of Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar for High School Seniors. I received notice yesterday that the booklet will no longer be published and distributed to high school seniors. The booklet contained information contained about all the colleges in Texas with application deadlines, financial aid deadlines, admission tips, and various other information.

Fortunately, all the information that was previously published in the booklet, is also available on the website at .

After reviewing the website, I believe it will be more useful than the booklet as you will be able to click on a link that will take you to the information you might be interested in.

I encourage all of you to check out the website when you have time. I do have old copies of the Compendium in my office if you would like a hard copy. The information will be the same, but the dates will have changed.


Cheryl Sanders

Click below for the link to the Compendium Booklet:

Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar

and speaking of the seniors...

Friday was Senior Community day - seniors only on campus!

This past Friday, Ms. Snyder organized a special day of fun and games and fellowship for our senior Class of 2021, giving them a chance to all gather on campus and spend a day together. It was such a welcome event and gave everyone a chance to reconnect. Our new seniors also got a chance to meet the other half of our senior class.

Thank you to the Dent Family for providing an amazing lunch from their restaurant, Pizza, Wings & Things. It was delicious and so appreciated!!

Thank you you Ms. Snyder for all your work planning, and hosting, this amazing day.

Don't worry freshmen, sophomores and juniors, your turn is coming up. There is a special Community Day planned for each of our grades. Click HERE to see the Fall Blue & Gold Schedule. The schedule is on the home page of our website.


~ around town ~


HT men, come join Fr. Francisco for a wonderful evening of food and fellowship!

All High School young men are invited to the monthly Discernment Dinners at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. Dinners are every 1st Thursday at 7pm.

First Dinner is this Thursday, September 3rd, at 7pm. Delicious food is served at no cost and all manner of things are discussed, from questions about vocations to who your favorite Marvel character is.

For more information, contact Fr. Francisco at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church directly:

phone: (254) 773-6779

address: 707 S 6th St, Temple, TX 76504



~ and finally....~

A few pictures from last year to remind us of things to look forward to after Covid

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Never heard of 'social distancing'


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