Costa Rica

By: Alyssa Peoples

Flag/Map of Costa Rica

Geographical Features

· Climate- average temperature is 70-81 F

· Major River- San Juan River

· Mountain- Cerro Chirripo

· Seasons- The Dry/ High Season-December-April. The Rainy Season-May-November.

  • Language Spoken- Spanish
  • Greetings- It is common to say hello and goodbye to friends and acquaintances with a light kiss on the cheek.
  • Currency- Costa Rican Colón
  • Population- Consists of over 4 million people.
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  • Literacy Rate- 97.8%
  • 3 cycles of education- pre-education(before 7), primary education(from 7-12), secondary school(from 12-18) which leads to higher education

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Tourist Sites

Costa Rica has many tourist sites such as...

  • The Arenal Volcano
  • Manuel Antonio National Park
  • Drake Bay
  • And many more

Popular Foods/Dessert

  • Democratic Republic
  • Religion- over 80% of Costa Rica's population consider themselves Roman Catholic.
  • Sports- Main sport is soccer
  • Fashion- Men normally wear pants and a plain colored shirt. Women wear traditional garments which is a dress with no sleeves and thick, frilly ruffles stitching out from the shoulders.