OCPL Weekly Update

February 25, 2015

Outreach & Adult Programming

Leap Day Party info:

Posters and trivia challenges are coming to the branches in the run on Friday. Please put the posters up on Monday, and ask patrons to fill them out; this is an opportunity for some community readers' advisory! They can add what they are most looking forward to reading during their extra day. The trivia challenges are to be completed in the library and turned in the same day. Send any finished ones to me in the run on March 1st, and I’ll draw for the winner.

At Main, we’ll also have an interactive choose-your-own-adventure story. This is on the patrons’ own time. They start out reading a prompt, and based on their choices, travel to a different part of the library where they find the next part of the story. Their choices will lead them to a selection of books to consider checking out and a prize. We’ll also have family drop-in frog-themed crafts in the kid’s activity room from 4-6pm.

Seed library will also be coming in the run on March 1st. Remember: these check out via the Google form. I’m sending these a different way: you’ll have accordion folders of the seeds, which hopefully will make them easier to store and pull out.

Next Tuesday (everything feels like it’s happening March 1st), the Adultish program is going to be a baking class led by our own master-baker, Cheri! 6-8pm, adults only, no registration required.


South Oldham Library

There’s not a lot of excitement going on at South Oldham right now, thank goodness!

I worked with Laura last Saturday and she and I spent the majority of the day putting new 7-day stickers on the children’s DVD’s. She was feeling under the weather, but she hung in there and did most of the work to finish the project. Thanks, Laura!

Julie has been doing her best to deal with the ILL courier problems. She, Graham & Mary R. have been documenting our delivery issues to present them to KYVL for some sort of resolution to the problem. We’ve had ILL’s hung up in the courier system for nearly a month now, but we understand that PBC has hired a new driver and we’re hoping to catch up soon. KYVL has certainly not been getting the service they’re paying for!

Our children’s programming has been very well attended for the last few weeks. Shannon even told us that last week’s Toddler Time attendance exceeded Main’s!

I’m working on cleaning up the items in the latest withdrawn collection report. It’s amazing how many of them are actually on the shelf.

Our pocket scanner wouldn’t charge or turn on, so I’ve sent it back to Trisha to see if she can figure out the problem. Every time we decide that we have time to inventory, something happens to set us back. Here’s hoping we can get started soon!

That’s all for now!


Teens & Main Circ

Main Circ & Teens:

I cannot tell you how loved and supported I have felt over the last week or so from all of you at OCPL. Thanks so much for all your kind words of encouragement, cards, and help with everything during my grandmother’s illness and funeral. It is wonderful to work in a place where family is the top priority and everyone pitches in to help out when needed.

Welcome to our new staff members: Karen and Linda. Karen will be working Monday nights in Kids and every other Friday at the Main desk. Linda will be a substitute.

Teen Stuff:

· Thanks to Susan B., Olivia, Jen & Christina for all their help with the Hearts-a-Glow after hours program last Saturday night. We had a great turnout and a lot of fun!

· Next Week: Book Besties & Teen Coffee House—this week we’ll be learning about Anime Drawing and doing Teen Coloring (like adult coloring but for teens, lol)

· Sign-ups for teen volunteer opportunities are up through the end of April. I’ve added a “Teen Volunteer Day” on Saturday, March 26th from 10-3. Teens can earn 5 service hours in one day! We have so many inquiries, I thought I’d try it. So send teens to the webpage to sign-up: www.oldhampl.org/teens.html

Thanks again everyone!


Main Library

I had a nice visit with Vicki and the staff at South on Monday. Everything looked great and everyone was happy. Good to see you guys!

We have two new employees. Karen Spine has taken every-other Fridays at Main Adults and the Monday nights in Children’s. Linda Bearss will be taking sub hours. Both have had a day of training at Main and did very well. Welcome to OCPL, Linda and Karen.

Our roof is having some issues. A piece of flashing came loose and has been swaying in the wind. The longer the wind blows, the longer the piece gets. I hope it’s not a difficult fix.

Have a great weekend, everyone.