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Do you know what to do in an earthquake?

Drop, Cover, hold

When an earthquake occurs do you know what to do?

read this!

Drop Cover Hold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are outside then you go find a clear space far away from buildings, trees and power lines. The middle of a big field should do. Once you’ve found your space you drop to the ground and cover the base of your skull with your both your hands. Then crawl to that space and STAY there until further instructions.

If you're inside then you go find a desk (or something sturdy that you can get under) then drop to the ground, crawl under the desk and cover the base of your skull with ONE hand. Use the other hand to hold the table leg, chair leg, bed leg etc. Do not stop and read any books on the table because that’s just ridiculous.

When you evacuate the unstable building just get out. Do NOT stop to get your shoes or anything.

How earthquakes happen?

What is an Earthquake?

Earthquakes form when two of the Earth’s (tectonic) plates catch together. After millions of years pressure builds up. But the pressure needs somewhere to go. So it bursts out in the form of an earthquake. The ground will shake, buildings will wobble and trees will be uprooted. If you are really unlucky then your house might collapse. Some time later the ground might shake again. This is an aftershock. Sometimes the aftershocks can be stronger than the first quake itself.

There’s always an earthquake happening somewhere, you just can’t feel them.

That’s all the stuff you need to know about earthquakes!

Our team, Alice, Jemma, Sean, Matthew, Emma, Alyssa and Ed

Our focus was to help people to know what to do in earthquake drill and their behaviour. Hope this helped.