6th Grade Class News

Being Responsible in 6th Grade

Earlier this week we got to choose homework buddies. Homework buddies help you if you forget homework or don’t understand it. If you need help you should be able to count on them to help you. They should also be able to count on you. If you do need to go to your homework buddy, you can get to them by phone or email. Homework buddies are especially good for times when you’re sick. If you don’t know what your homework is, you can either go to your HWB or check it on our website, classroom.google.com. Our class has been having trouble writing down assignments when we get them. But we have been working on it. We do something called rearjcl at the end of the day. We go over all our assignments we had so if you didn’t have the assignment written down, you could get it then. To make sure you get your assignments done, the parents will need to sign the assignment book every night.

Science and Social Studies Update

In history we are learning about the beginning of human society, which is about caveman and villages turning into cities. We take notes in are ISN’s (Interactive Student Notebook). We have to take a test this Tuesday and we used our ISN’s to study. We get to draw a lot of in are ISN’s.

In Science, we are doing an experiment. The experiment is, do taller middle schoolers (6-8)

run a 50m dash faster than shorter middle schoolers? We’ve already got our data from the 7th and 8th graders. Now we have to make a chart and then come to a conclusion.

By Chloe and Nick

Student Council Elections

We voted last week for the student council representatives for the 6th grade class. Our representative are Mya Copeland, Nick Ballenger, and Shaylah Bryant.

The responsibilities of a student council member :

  • They need to attend all the meetings

  • They must have a B+ or higher

  • Be organized

  • They should be dependable

  • They should participate and work hard

  • Behave appropriately

By Shaylah,Catherine, Miles

The Scoop on Me in a Bag

This week we learned a little bit more about our classmates through their Me in a Bag projects. We finished them up on Friday. Here are some highlights.

Nick: Most of Nick’s presentation was animal related.

Shaylah: Shaylah’s book, The Chronicles of Narnia, was really big.

Mya: Mya’s wake-up weasel was silly.

Chloe: Chloe had a bear from her brother, which was sweet.

Chrissy: Chrissy’s music on her video sounded so sad.

Caleb: Caleb had a bunch of ribbons and medals that he kept pulling out of his bag.

Josh: Josh brought in his favorite stuffed animal Pebbles that his friend gave him.

Daniel: Daniel showed us this cool mini baseball telescope.

Catherine: Catherine had a cool sea shell,but then it broke.

Carrie: Carrie's book, Cookie’s Week, that she read to us was funny.

David: David had an awesome car that he would race against people.

Phillip: Phillip didn’t do his project yet, but we are looking forward to when he does.

Christian: Christian said that he was passed out after going to Fitz’s, which was funny.

Michael: Michael brought a Uno card that reminded him of his first time playing Uno.

Miles: Miles’s name in Chinese was cool.

Mikaela: Mikaela said a lot about the beach.

The projects took a while, but in the end everyone should be proud of their project.

By: Mya, Christian, and David.