All About Me

Katie Schultz

Activities and School Clubs

  • Drawing
  • Listening to music
  • Hanging out with friends
  • W.E.B

2 Things I want to be

  • Cosmetologist
  • Family Counselor

More info. on one of my career choices


  • Do people's make-up and their hair.
  • Earn some were around $19,300 dollars a year.
  • Training usually 9-24 months

3 Ways i'm smart

  • People Smart
  • Self Smart
  • Body Smart

Learning Style

General: 0% reading 60% by hearing and 40 % by doing.

Math: 25% talking and 75% seeing.

Social: 25% by myself and 75% with others.


  1. Being paid a lot= Very Important
  2. Feeling important or being recognized= Very Important
  3. Helping others= Very Important
  4. Working alone= Not Important
  5. Being creative= Somewhat Important
  6. Having a variety of things to do= Somewhat Important
  7. Being a leader= Somewhat Important
  8. Making changes in society= Very Important
  9. Not having to worry about losing my job= Very Important
  10. Other= Somewhat Important

Best school subject

My best school subject is English because I always loved reading even when I was little.