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Message from Geordie

Afternoon families,

Another enjoyable and busy week here at St Bernie’s with lots to celebrate. I have seen some amazing student artwork, students who have aced their Maths work, friends helping each other in the playground and students being introduced to our new Soundwaves and iMaths programs. We also say farewell to Mrs Tanner who leaves us this week on Maternity Leave and we wish her all the best on this adventure!

I have really enjoyed my time before and after school on duty; getting to know students and parents on their way through. It is great to see so many happy, excited and enthusiastic faces walking into class each day. I really believe that when all our staff and families work together to support children socially, emotionally and academically they are happier kids at school and at home. Consistency and good communication are really important and I thank everyone who has been using the correct channels to communicate with our staff!

On that note, I also received a few emails this week thanking St Bernie’s staff for the really positive vibe around our school! Emails like this really affirm the important work our staff do and they make our week that little bit special. Thanks to those parents who took the time to let us know!

Now for a quick apology… Last week I mentioned our start time of 8.35am and caused a bit of confusion with a few parents! Spot the newbie over here!!! Just to confirm, Drive-Through and the front gates will open at 8.15am and staff will have a duty of care from this time. A bell will sound at 8.35am and our classroom doors will be opened - children can drop their bags and get ready for the day. At 8.45am another bell will sound, and the school roll will be taken. (Those arriving after this time will be marked as late and and will be required to sign in at the Front Office).

Mrs Murphy is EXTREMELY excited about having her chicken eggs delivered next week to compliment her Science program. Our students will be studying their life cycle and the hope is to begin keeping chickens on site here in the future. If you have an old coop that you no longer want or are keen to help in this project, please get in touch with Mrs Murphy through the office.

This week, we trialed a whole school fitness program and unfortunately, for a number of reasons, we made the decision that it would not work in this format. We believe that morning fitness is still really beneficial for students at the start of the day, so after swimming lessons are finished our Year 6’s, Mr Murtagh, Mrs Francis and Mrs Reid will be organising a timetable for classes.

Finally, on Monday we had the first St Bernadette’s School Advisory Council meeting of the year. It was a great opportunity to meet each other and begin to outline what the year might look like from a governance and future planning perspective. One of our main priorities is the creation of a new Strategic Plan for our school so look out later in the year for your chance to contribute to the process! We are lucky to have a really positive, organised and enthusiastic Council this year and I look forward to working closely with them into the future.

Have an awesome weekend, enjoy the beautiful weather and look after each other. Last weekend I missed my goal by 3 seconds down in Busso. I am off to do a duo in the Rotto Swim tomorrow so if I can’t move my arms next week you will know why!

Geordie Thuijs


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Time to enrol siblings for Kindy 2022 & 2023

From this year we will be enrolling children for Kindergarten two years ahead. If you have a child due to start Kindy in 2022 or 2023, please complete the application for enrolment. Siblings of students already enrolled in the school are required to have an application for enrolment completed.

* Child born between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018 - Kindy 2022

* Child born between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019 - Kindy 2023

Please submit your application for enrolment along with copies of the required documents - you can email, post or drop the documentation at the office. The non-refundable application fee is paid via EFTPOS at the office or over the phone.

Quick Parent Feedback Survey

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A message from Melanie, one of our Assistant Principals

Hello to all the St Bernie's families. I am looking forward to getting to know you all over my time here. A little about myself.

I have four adult children - two girls and two boys. I am also blessed with three grandsons with a fourth grandson due mid June. My husband and I enjoy spending time staying young with the grandsons, we also love camping and have a bucket lists of trips we want to make before we are too old. My other interests include horse riding, sewing, reading a good book and I have just discovered binge watching on Netflix, when a good series becomes available.

My childhood included a few trips across the Nullabor living between WA, NSW and QLD, until finally settling in Port Hedland where I completed most of my schooling. I loved the lifestyle - riding my bike to the pool for swim squad, playing softball, netball and tennis on the weekends and even squeezing in hockey when I could. To say I loved my sport is an understatement.

I am the proud parent of an Australian Sport Representative. My youngest son represented Australia in Mexico for the Youth World Baseball Competition. Sadly I only got to watch him play on tv but I was nevertheless very proud watching him represent his country and play some awesome games against some very talented nations. He obviously got his love of sport from his mother 🙂 as he also played soccer at a high level and was also selected to play basketball at a high level but not at an international level. So for all you sporting families - I know the challenge it takes to get your sport obsessed child to do school with the degree of passion!

Teaching wise - I graduated from Edith Cowan University many moons ago. I have worked in a range of schools and locations including Meekathara, Narrogin Bindoon and more recently Kalgoorlie. Once conquering the challenges of my first degree I have gone on to complete two Masters and am now enrolled to complete a Graduate Certificate in Education with a focus on developing student well being. I really enjoy expanding my knowledge base and applying what I learn to improve outcomes for the people I work with - young and mature.

Thank you for being so welcoming in my first couple of weeks at St Bernie's and once again I look forward to getting to know you and your children.

Melanie Resuggan
Assistant Principal

A big Thank you!

Thank you to the Noronha family who have kindly donated new carpet mats for the children to sit on in the undercover area. Our children appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Communication with Staff

A reminder that communication with staff should only be through the school email or with a call through the office on 9593 4066. We are streamlining this process for families and staff to ensure nothing is missed so please understand that SeeSaw messages will not be answered by teachers. We appreciate your support with this.

Swimming Week 4 & 5

The timetable for our swimming lessons is below and should also be available on SeeSaw as well. These two weeks will be exhausting for many of our kids so please ensure they are well rested each night as our teachers will be making sure our students are still engaged and working hard during class.

A reminder that if your child has an outside therapist coming into the school that clashes, you will need to let them know. A huge SHOUT OUT to Cormac for organising the lessons.


First Week of Lent

We begin our annual Lenten Project Compassion journey by learning about the story of Jamila and her family. Jamila, 22, is a Rohingya woman, living in the world’s largest refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. A single mother, she fled armed conflict in Myanmar to save herself, her elderly mother and eight-month-old baby.

With the support of Caritas Australia, through Caritas Bangladesh, Jamila was able to access emergency food and shelter. She also received counselling, emotional support and learnt sewing skills, to help her earn an income. Jamila now feels less alone, with a sense of community around her. She is able to ‘Be More’ to her little family.

860,494 people remain in the densely populated camps, in desperate need of humanitarian assistance, especially due to COVID-19. (UNHCR)

Watch a short film about Jamila’s story here.

“Aspire not to have more, but to be more.” Please support Project Compassion:

School Fees

If you are on a Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card and wish to receive the relevant discount off your fees, please bring these documents to the office no later than 31st March 2021.


Thanks to parents for their organised start in this space. I really noticed how smart our students looked from Day One this year. With Photo’s happening on the 25th and 26th of March - this term, we want to continue to work together to look our best. Our School Leaders will be conducting some Uniform Checks in Week’s 6 and 7. We encourage you to use the next two weeks to ensure your child has all the pieces they require. We look forward to awarding our best dressed class with a prize!

Canteen Term 1

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St Bernadette's Parents & Friends Association

Welcome to the school P&F where everyone is welcome to join.

If you would like to find out what is happening at our school, please join our P&F Facebook page:


Amended Term 1 Calendar 2021 and live Google Calendar link

School Term Dates 2021

Term 1 Monday 01/02/2021 - Thursday 01/04/2021

Term 2 Monday 19/04/2021 - Friday 02/07/2021

Term 3 Tuesday 20/07/2021 - Thursday 23/9/2021

Term 4 Monday 11/10/2021 - Friday 10/12/2021

Pupil Free Dates 2021

Friday 23/04/2021

Friday 04/06/2021

Monday 19/07/2021

Monday 16/08/2021

Monday 24/09/2021

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