• Scientific Name- Pongo Pygmaeus
  • Kingdom- Animalia
  • Phylum- Chordate
  • Class- Mammalia
  • Color- Redish ; Brown
  • Average Length- 3.5-4.5 ft
  • Average Weight- 88-75 lbs
  • Average Life Span- 45 yrs(wild) ; 60 yrs(captive)
  • Tree Dwelling

What They Eat!

Endangered History!

  • 2007- Endangered

  • 2000- Endangered

  • 1996- Venerable

  • 1994- Endangered

  • 1990- Endangered

  • 1988- Endangered

  • 1986- Endangered


The location most known for the Bornean Orangutan is in the jungles of Bornean, South Asia.

What Is The Cause

The cause of the endangerment is deforestation in the jungles of south Asia.

What You Can Do To Help!

Aside from donating to the many orangutan charities around the world, there are many other things you can do to help save the orangutan on day-to-day basis. For starters, avoid purchasing tropical or exotic plywood and hardwood, palm oil-based products, and rayon viscose clothing. In addition, reduce your consumption of paper, and seek out recycled “treeless” paper sources.