Southern Colonies

Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland

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  • Was founded in 1607 by John Smith, In attempt for England to gain wealth and to convert the natives to christianity.
  • Their economy was based on plantations manly growing tobacco, wheat and corn.
  • For early government they had a general assembly.
  • The population of Virginia was manly English, in the 1790 census the population was 691,737.
  • The main tribes in Virginia were the Powhatan, Croatoan and the Tuscarora, the colony had 3 conflicts with the Powhatan tribe (Anglo-Powhatan War).
  • Their religion was Anglican and Baptist.


  • Was founded in 1633 by George Calvert, Lord Baltimore.
  • Economy based on fish, timber and agriculture. Plantations played the biggest role in their economy.
  • They were not dominated by a specific religion which opened the door to Baptist, Catholics, Anglicans and some others.
  • It was called Maryland in honor of King Charles I wife.
  • The population in Maryland around 1790 was 319,728, most from England.
  • Proprietary gov.


  • The Georgia Colony was established in 1732 by James Oglethorpe.
  • The population was manly poor people and used this space as a buffer zone from the Spanish.
  • Agriculture was the dominate economy in Georgia. Crops included indigo, rice, and sugar.
  • The religion was open but it was manly Anglican and Baptist.
  • The colony was governed by a proprietor which ended up being James Oglethorpe.
  • Royal gov.
  • Creek, Cherokee were the tribes.
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North Carolina

  • North Carolina was established in 1653 by Virginia colonists.
  • The charter for the Carolina Colony was granted to eight English proprietors and included the territory that would later become South Carolina. It was a more diverse population than those colonies of the north.
  • North Carolina was centered on Plantation Agriculture. Which focused on indigo, rice, and tobacco.
  • There were a wide range of religions.
  • Royal gov.
  • Hatteras, Catawba and the Cherokee.
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South Carolina

  • The South Carolina Colony was founded in 1663 by English Colonists.
  • The population of the South Carolina Colony was diverse.
  • The South Carolina Colonial economy was based on Plantation Agriculture that produced indigo, rice, tobacco, cotton, and cattle.
  • The diverse population of the colony brought diverse religions.
  • A single government ruled the Carolina’s until 1712 when there was a separate government established in the north.
  • Royal gov.
  • Yamasee, Catawba, Cherokee.
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