Mohamed Morsi

Kaleb Neal


Former President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, was sentenced to 20 years in prison along with 12 other defendants. Morsi was convicted of ordering the arrest and torture of protesters outside the presidential palace in December 2012. The Cairo Court acquitted him of murder charges that could result in the death penalty.


  • 11 people were killed, and 9 of them were supporters of Morsi
  • Morsi also faces other serious charges, such as he was accused of passing intelligence to Qatar
  • The Egyptian Military first accused him of this around 2013
  • Morsi is the 2nd president in 3 years to be convicted of a major crime
  • Mohamed was put behind bars for 7 months in 2006 for protests


I think that this event shows that even though you are the President and may have all this power, you can't get away with crimes like this. This is the second time in 3 years that an Egyptian President has been convicted, so I think they will be more careful of who gets put into office.