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This week: Poems in Your Pocket

April is National Poetry Month, established in 1996 to celebrate poetry in the United States. If you haven’t found time in the last 29 days to sit down with a volume of Frost or Whitman, there's still time! Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day, first suggested in 2002 by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and the Mayors Office. The premise: keep a poem with you and share it aloud - with friends, coworkers, anyone in earshot - to create a brief celebration of literature. Originally, the intention was for participants to carry a printed copy of their selection; 13 years later, these apps make finding and sharing a unique poem easy. Spending the day in solitude? Share on social media with #pocketpoem.

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POETRY from The Poetry Foundation

If you download one app today, make it this one. Searchable by poem or poet but the true magic of this tool is the "Spin" discovery feature, which works like a slot machine of moods and themes (on Android or iPhones, activate by shaking your device).

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Poetry Daily

Too many poems to choose just one? Poetry Daily delivers a single poem each day, along with information about the poet and the volume in which the poem originally appeared. A full year's archive is available. One drawback: only available on iOS.

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Poet's Corner

Create and post original poems using Poet's Corner, an app available for Android devices. Simple to use, as all functions are on one of three screens. Join the community to read posted poems and receive feedback from fellow poets on your own work.