Bulldog Bulletin

October 14th 2016

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What's Happening!

The smokehouse will be her Tuesday and Wednesday of this coming week. Please see the email schedule that was sent out for times.

Jake's day for OHES is Thursday the 20th. 10:30am to 8pm. Spread the word to support Jake's and OHES!

The Book fair is coming the week of the 24th-28th

Please keep up with updates on the Google Calendar and forms and other information on your google folders I've shared!

Highlights of the week!

Great kickoff to our 'One book, one school' drive! Enjoy the "Chocolate Touch"!

Pictures went great! Thanks to everyone for your help. If you missed your picture, Make-up pictures are scheduled for November 16th.

Keep up the good work I see in the classrooms! On task, no worksheets and curriculum focused!
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Principal's Pen

  • Pacing is always key, make sure you keep on pace to finish this nine weeks, then the next, etc.. Don't let yourself fall behind and stay focused on whats important.
  • The key to effective lessons is the ability to honestly reflect on how the lessons went and adjust for the next day. I made several comments this week in planbook to remind folks to think critically and reflectively about what we are teaching, why and what we expect as an outcome.
  • Let's put responsibility back on the students for mastery of knowledge. Have them be active participants in this journey, not just a passive tag-along. They should know where they stand and where they need to be at the 9 weeks, mid year and so on.
  • Having students know what their goals are, what level they need to be reading at and what score they need to make a certain level, lets them become more active in the educational process. I believe the children will rise to the challenge!
  • Please consider using AR in K-2. The idea is to improve our students reading comprehension in every grade. What we begin early WILL help later on. This is a great tool for differentiation, look at your STAR scores to get their ZPD levels to pick appropriate books.
  • Customer service and a Student centered focus and attitudes are expectations this year countywide.

Technology Corner

Grockit Answers
A great teaching tool to create a Q/A session for any YouTube video.

a supremely engaging creative writing website that has students reading, writing and assessing content in ways they’ve never done before!

Upcoming Dates

17-21: B Duty week
18 Smokehouse
~ Icee truck during recess
19 Smokehouse
~ Gregory to Principal ready conference
20 OHES day at Jake's 10:30am-8pm
24-28 Book Fair
25 RTA test
27 Vision,Hearing and BMI screenings
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An Argument about Independent Reading Time During the School Day


Information for teachers and parents on teaching and assessing reading, writing, and literacy from Tim Shanahan, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of urban education at the University of Illinois at Chicago where he was Founding Director of the Center for Literacy and chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.
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Should teacher still use "just right" books?

See Mrs. Crawley's picture above!

Article on the merits of pushing students to read above their "grade" level. This goes back to what we spoke of earlier this year, to set high expectations and the students will rise to meet them.
Thanks to Mrs. Morris for allowing me to use this article.